Black Student Council celebrates diversity

Black Student Council represents the largest minority at Murray State and is a part of one of the big four student leadership groups.

BSC was brought to Murray State to help celebrate the diverse population.

Courtney Brasher, president of the BSC, said the organization not only deals with issues such as student wants, but also introduce new programs.

“Black Student Council is an organization designed for African-American Students to cover issues on campus concerning them,” she said. “We also implement programming that involves the campus and community in order to uplift the African-American community.”

Brasher, junior from Nashville, Tenn., said through diversity, the minority group helps to ensure blacks on campus have a voice that it is heard. She said the groups strives for excellence.

An example Brasher said the group dealt with had to do with one of the parody twitter account @MSUBlackpeople. She said it was highly offensive and it was the Black Student Council’s role to be the voice and collaborate with the administration on campus to discuss ways the University can combat pressing issues such as this.

The BSC speaks on different forums, such as Campus Activities Board, Dining Services Food Committee and the Residential College Association. Brasher said, the BSC has a representative of each residential college, although the position at Elizabeth Residential College is currently vacant.

The representative of each residential college is responsible for being the liaison between BSC and the residential colleges in order to create a stronger network. They report news from residential colleges at BSC meetings, and they report BSC news as necessary at RCC meetings. BSC delegates also put programs in residential colleges.

Brasher said although the group is mainly targeted at black students, anyone who agrees with the mission of the BSC is welcome to join.

Brasher said one thing she would like all students to know about the BSC is the organization helps students realize the voice they have.

“Let your voice be heard about issues that may concern you or if you simply want to give positive feedback. Murray State University has supportive staff that is here to help and to make sure that you succeed and have a positive college experience.”

She said she would like all of the students on campus to know their voice matters and the BSC wants to help them be represented and make their voice heard.

Don Robertson, vice president of Student Affairs, said because the BSC assists in the communication between the University and its student body, the group is vital to student feedback.

“BSC represents our largest minority population on campus,” he said. “To hear how our policies and programs are affecting the minority population, this group helps us realize if we are meeting their needs.”

Other than the BSC providing feedback on how some of the student population react toward University policies, Robertson said the group also helps in enriching the culture of the school.

Said Robertson: “It’s a group we should utilize and get recommendations from. This group plays an important role on campus. We look at this group to provide us names to help show that we are reflecting the diversity of the University.”

Story by Samantha Villanueva, Staff writer.