Greeks narrow sororities, update social policy

Murray State’s Greek Life program has been under many changes in the last year under the direction of Jason Hinson-Nolen, interim Greek Life coordinator.

Hinson-Nolen began making changes from day one in September when he helped bring some of the largest recruitment numbers the University has ever seen.

Now, Hinson-Nolen is working on expansion with the University’s Greek community.

A new sorority will be added to the University this fall. From the six that sought out Murray State, the final four in the search are Kappa Delta, Phi Mu, Delta Zeta and Gamma Phi Beta.

The four groups will give presentations during February and March to Panhellenic and the new sorority should arrive on campus in the fall.

Each sorority will have day-long presentations which include a reception, a private discussion with the committee and an open public forum with the Greek community. The dates for the presentations are from Feb. 15 to March 13.

Hinson-Nolen has also revamped the standards program and changed the areas where the board will be holding the students accountable.

“The standards board is huge in its creation because it gets rid of a major problem,” Hinson-Nolen said. “We’ve had a major problem in Greek Life on this campus of not really having any accountability pieces and we’ve been relying on IFC (Interfraternity Council) or Panhellenic or National Pan-Hellenic Council to police themselves. Now the standards board can handle everyone.”

Members for the new standards board include Ben Moser, Blake Thomas, AJ Glaser, Morgan Steiner, Taylor Miller and Catherine Steele. There are three representatives from Panhellenic and IFC. NPHC is still in the process of choosing their members.

“It really tries to incorporate the needs of IFC, Panhellenic and NPHC,” Hinson-Nolen said. “Currently when it comes to social events especially in the check-in process, that’s really where we innovated. I think Murray State is on the front end of that because no one else is doing what we are doing.”

Monday night at the state of the Greek community address Hinson-Nolen updated the members on the new standards board and social policy.

The new Greek standards program includes standards for University paperwork and updates of records, event attendance, general social policy, new members, alcohol-related issues, academic integrity, unbecoming individual or group conduct, assaults and fights, vandalism, theft, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, hazing and other issues related to Greek Life and the University.

Charetta Pittman, junior from Memphis, Tenn., said events like the state of the Greek community address unify the University’s Greek members and things such as a new social policy are an opportunity for success.

Sara Wallace, sophomore from Paducah, Ky., Alpha Gamma Delta’s social chair, said the new Greek standards Board is a very important and unique feature being added to Murray State.

Failure to comply with the standards policy will result in the student being sent to Mike Young, associate vice president of Student Affairs.

“It will make social policies much easier to comply with as well as build a strong sense of accountability for our Greek campus,” Wallace said. “The bylaws were written specific to Murray State’s campus, keeping the well-being of our Greek members in mind.”

She said Hinson-Nolen is a great addition to Murray State, and brings many new and modern ideas of how to enhance Greek Life.

Story by Meghann Anderson, News Editor.

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