Fraternity recruitment kicks off spring semester

Murray State's Greek community listens to the national recruitment group, Phired Up Wednesday night in the Curris Center Ballroom.

Taylor McStoots/The News
Murray State’s Greek community listens to the national recruitment group, Phired Up Wednesday night in the Curris Center Ballroom.

Phired Up, a national recruitment specialist spoke to Murray State’s Greek community Wednesday afternoon in hopes of sparking interest in preparation for spring recruitment, which begins on Jan. 30.

Jason Hinson-Nolen, interim Greek Life Coordinator, said he is looking forward to working with the different groups on recruitment.

Spring recruitment for fraternities starts Jan. 30 with the kick-off at 6 p.m. in the Curris Center Ballroom.

“We’re really hoping for a high turn out of numbers, given that Phired Up has come and we’re taking some different approaches this semester for getting the word out,” Hinson-Nolen. “The goal is if they all come out you might see a bigger spring recruitment then we saw in the fall; that’s what we’re hoping for.”

Hinson-Nolen said over the winter break, along with preparing for recruitment, a new standards board was created. This board will replace the IFC judicial board; Panhellenic judicial board and NPHC judicial board and instead create a unified judicial system.

Members of the new board were selected Thursday night.

This board will primarily be dealing with big keys topics, social policy issues, any issue of discrimination and any sort of violation of code of conduct when it comes to being a Greek member.

There are nine members on the board, three from each council.

Over the winter break six sororities were chosen to be in the running for the sorority at Murray State. Kappa Delta, Phi Mu, Delta Zeta, Alpha Sigma Tau, Gamma Phi Beta and Theta Phi Alpha are the six sororities interested in becoming a part Murray State Greek life.

“From those six we will widdle it down to up to five or whatever the committee decides and the sororities selected will come to campus for day-long presentations which include a reception, a private discussion with the committee and a open public forum with the Greek community,” Hinson-Nolen said.

The chosen sororities have a month between Feb. 15-March 13 for their on campus visits.

Don Robertson, vice president of Student Affairs, said he thinks the Greek system is very important to Murray State.

“I encourage all men to take a look at it and make an informed decision whether its something they want to do or not, but there is no better way to get involved on campus and to gain leadership opportunities,” Robertson said. “The Greek system has a great avenue to do that.”

He said the best way to determine if Greek life is something a student would be interested in, is for them to go through the process.

“We are in a growth mode,” Robertson said. “We are looking at expansion and that’s exciting. Our system is only going to get stronger and I think it’s something students should want to be a part of. Jason is providing some very innovative leadership. I think it’s pretty exciting what the future holds for our Greek system.”

Michael Dobbs, sophomore from Winchester, Ky., said rushing a fraternity helps gives men a sense of belonging.

Dobbs has heard the Phired Up crew previous to Wednesday night’s lecture and said the group was very energetic and had some great ideas to move forward with Greek life and recruitment.

“I encourage everyone to at least give Greek life a try,” Dobbs said. “You don’t just have to ne a freshman to rush, I encourage men of any grade to rush. There is something for everyone.”

Story by Meghann Anderson, Assistant News Editor.