Students use Internet for project inspiration

As trends come and go, fashions emerge and disappear and decorations go in and out of style, many find themselves throwing money away on the ever-changing next “it” item or fad.

Once too many people have it, or have done it, it becomes outdated, overdone, an imitation. So how is it that so many women around the country have managed to merge trendiness with the economic sensibility that comes with hard financial times?

They have learned the power of DIY, or do it yourself.

Whether it be scarves, skirts, dresses, shirts, decorations, beauty or crafts, a way has been found around their price tags, limits and regulations, and individuals across the nation are jumping on board the quickly moving DIY train.

With unlimited numbers of personal DIY or craft blogs emerging and sites such as Pinterest linking them all into one place, it’s no wonder do it yourselfer’s are coming out of the woodwork.

This new trend has many people asking, “what’s the appeal?” According to DIYer Lindsey Powers, freshman from Cincinnati, Ill., the appeal lies in the satisfaction of time well spent and a job well done, and the knowledge that something unique and of worth was made.

“I think Pinterest really made DIY something trendy and fun to do,” Powers said. “With Pinterest, crafts and home goods are much easier to make, and it feels good to do a project and know you made it. Unlike when you buy it, there’s a meaning behind it. Many of the trends now are vintage, and it looks even better when you do it yourself.”

Though the DIY trend was brought to the forefront of pop culture in the last year by sites such as Pinterest, it has been fueled by several smaller, more personal blogs. Bloggers have collected and created a number of new, must-do DIY projects that are then brought onto Pinterest and spread exponentially.

DIY has brought out a new side of our culture as it has created a shift from the pre-made, ready-to-use products to those that allow students to be creative, make things on their own and create something they’ve never thought of before.

“My favorite DIY projects are the ones that carry meaning,” Powers said. “I love being surrounded by my picture collages because it brings back memories of my friends and family in Cincinnati. I think anything handmade holds so much more value and meaning. You create memories with each craft.”

In addition to the personal pride that comes with doing something yourself and having it come out right, DIY carries the added benefit of being fiscally responsible. As college students, many have expressed the need to make their campus spaces their own, but have found that many items are overpriced, or not quite what they wanted.

As a direct result of these two issues, DIY is larger on college campuses than many other places as students create their own projects.

“I started doing DIY crafts when I knew I needed decor for my dorm room,” Powers said. “Now, I have begun making things for my family as gifts because I enjoy it so much.”

Story by Shannon MacAllister, Staff writer.