New coach emphasizes trust to team

Kara Amundson is familiar with the Racer softball team which will help her now as she takes over as Head softball coach for the 2012-13 season.

After coaching at Northern Illinois for two years, she became the assistant coach at Murray State in 2009.

Bringing the team together is one of Amundson’s most important goals for the season.

She believes trust is essential in helping the players work together. Amundson plans to emphasize trust as she prepares her team for the upcoming season.

“Trust plays an important part in helping the team rely on each other,” she said.

With the new coaching staff this year, Amundson strives to build strong relationships between the players and coaches.

“Players and coaches need to be able to communicate well regardless of wins or losses,” she said.

Amundson believes these relationships are already falling into place and the players are adjusting well to the new staff.

The Racers ended their fall season with a 6-2 record. After seeing the team play together this past fall, Amundson expects the team to have more success during the spring season.

She sees the team becoming a real contender in the OVC she said, and a playoff spot is possible. Amundson has high hopes for the future of Racer softball as well. Her ultimate goal is to win a national championship.

“With the talent we have, our scholarship dollars and the new facility, a national championship is a realistic goal for this team,” she said.

She believes her team has the skill set and the discipline to play a winning season. In fact, she said, she sees the Racers as a potential major contendor.

The Racers kick off their spring season Feb. 15-17 at Mississippi State.

Story by Megan Kavy, Contributing writer