Liner Notes: Bringing sexy back

Anna Taylor

Anna Taylor

My love for Justin Timberlake started around the time I saw ‘Nsync in concert. I won`t get into how good that particular concert was (make fun of me if you want, but I was 9) but this column will be dedicated to JT’s solo talent and entertainment.

On Jan. 10, Justin announced via Twitter that he would be releasing new music by writing, “To whom it may concern … I think I’M READY.” Of course I retweeted and favorited the tweet. My immediate response? “Finally!”

I remember after I listened to “What Goes Around … Comes Around” some years ago, I listened to it several times every day for more than a month.

I really don’t think it is his voice that I am so attracted to. I like him for the same reasons I like Adam Levine: he’s cool and he knows it. Plus they both make fun music. JT can also dance really well so that’s always a plus.

Three days after he sent his tweet, the singer released his new single, “Suit & Tie,” featuring Jay Z.

I haven’t been sitting around waiting for his musical comeback, mind you, but I am so ready to hear his stuff on the radio again.

I mean, his last album was released in 2006. That was seven years ago – that feels like a century for fans.

He has not released music since 2006 because he wanted to focus more on his acting career, respectively, which has treated him pretty well so far.

JT also invested in MySpace in an effort to change its image and make it a social network for musicians and music fans.

One cologne and record label later, he’s (finally) back in the studio again.

He started working on his upcoming album, “The 20/20 Experience,” in June 2012. It was reported that he went into the studio with no goals or ideas in mind.

He also worked some with former Mickey Mouse Club and ‘Nsync alum, JC Chasez, Robin Thicke, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams and Bloodshy & Avant.

Not only does JT have many, many talents and a gorgeous wife, but he also has good style. That’s probably why he sings about his suit and his tie. Needless to say, he’s pretty much my ideal metro man. Luckily, my boyfriend likes him almost as much as I do.

He hasn’t announced the release date yet for the upcoming album but I’m sure I’ll find out on Twitter with the hashtag #JT2013.

I can’t wait to hear more music.

Column by Anna Taylor, Features Editor