Letter to the Editor: 01.18.13

I am very disappointed that you would so misrepresent Winslow’s holiday dinner by making it sound like the hors d’ouevres that were offered were in fact the main course.

Did you even attend the dinner? If so, how did you happen to miss the multiple serving lines that were set up offering carved prime rib, ham, asparagus, glazed carrots and au gratin potatoes? Not to mention special salads, like the grilled Caesar salad, and desserts.

And if we chose to serve cheddar garlic biscuits with dinner instead of something more conventional that you might be accustomed to, it turned out to be an extremely popular choice given that we went through 2600 of them, for 2370 very happy customers.

The staff at Winslow worked very hard on that dinner, and were very excited about serving it to a large crowd of enthusiastic and appreciative customers.

To disrespect their efforts, and deflate their sense of accomplishment, is irresponsible, especially when you so blatantly misrepresented the meal. Hopefully the kudos they received from others, including President Dunn, will far outweigh your jeer.

Letter from Paula Amols, Director of Dining Services and Racer Hospitality.