KTC plans to expand Ky. 121 North, Five Points

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet released a survey with the intent to base a 20-year-long project known as the Long Road Plan, around the concerns of the public’s transportation needs.

The survey is active from Jan. 9 to Feb. 25 and consists of 19 questions. There are several residency and travel related questions.

Paper surveys are available at the KyTC highway district offices, Area Development District offices, Metropolitan Planning Organization offices and the Transportation Cabinet Office Building. An online survey can also be taken at transportation.ky.gov and yourturn.transportation.ky.gov.

A part of the Long Road Plan focuses on widening Ky.121 North and turning Five Points into a roundabout.

Public Information Officer, Keith Todd, said Five Points has 32 potential crash points, but after alterations, only eight of the potential locations will remain.

“I remember those roads were tricky even back in the 70’s,” Tom said.

Negotiations with the 10 property owners of the site for the widening of Ky. 121 North are underway and several utility companies are ready to begin relocating their equipment to the sight.  Construction is planned for later in the year.

Mike Hancock, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary, said the changes are necessary and will benefit those who travel to and from work in a safety and financial sense.

“A strong transportation system is vital to a strong economy and key to maintaining a high quality of life for Kentucky residents and those who travel through the state,” Hancock said. “This long-range plan, currently in the works, is the perfect way to establish our transportation focus for the next two decades.”

Joshua Hitz, Contributing writer.