Monstars advance to next round after playoff victory

It was a clash of purple jerseys, as the undefeated Monstars took on Sigma Sigma Sigma in flag football Tuesday at 9 p.m.

The Monstars are currently undefeated and just returned from a trip to the intramural regionals at Western Kentucky where they took on four other women’s flag football teams in the Battle of the BlueGrass. The team won two games and came home with the victory.

Kentucky schools had a strong showing in the tournament; three of the four teams were from the Bluegrass state. The Murray State Monstars beat Vanderbuilt 18-15 to win the women’s championship bracket Nov. 18, earning a free entry into the intramural national championships in Pensacola, Fla., today.

Murray State Monstars freshmen Abby Futrell, Kathryn Winthrow and Amanda Winchester were named to the All-Tournament team. Winchester was named most valuable player.

Futrell said the tough competition at regionals helped them prepare for last Tuesday’s game. She said teamwork and poise are the key elements that set this intramural team apart.

The Monstars started the night off with first possession. A series of well-placed throws and jukes gave them an early advantage in the game. A successful running-play within the first four minutes of the half gave them their first touchdown of the night.

A complete pass to the corner of the end zone gained them a one-point conversion and a 7-0 lead.

The Monstars rushing defense put the pressure on the Tri Sigma offense. The quarterback rose to the occasion and successfully moved the ball down the field. A well-placed pass past the Monstars’ defense allowed Tri Sigma its first touchdown of the night.

“We came out strong but it was difficult maintaining that level of play,” Futrell said.

A complete pass for the one-point conversion tied the game 7-7 with 11 minutes remaining in the half. The Monstars swiftly responded by scoring another touchdown, taking the lead once again. Aggressive defense by Tri Sigma denied the Monstars the extra one-point conversion, bringing the score to 13-7.

The Tri Sigma offense struggled to gain ground in the remainder of the first half. The Monstars’ offense took advantage of this on a fourth down punt and scored another touchdown. This widened their lead to 20-7 after a complete one-point conversion.

The Monstars’ offense continued to power down the field and scored another touchdown with 30 seconds remaining in the half, extending the 27-7 lead.

Tri Sigma’s defense and offense rallied in the second half but were unsuccessful in scoring another touchdown.

Despite their recent wins, the Monstars know there is always room for improvement. They scored one more touchdown toward the end of the second half and had a successful one-point conversion.

“Maintaining intensity and staying consistent are two things we will work on for the next game,” Futrell said.

The game concluded with a 33-7 Monstars’ victory over Tri Sigma. The Monstars will continue on in the tournament, hoping to advance to the final match and clench another championship.

Story by Laura Kovarik, staff writer.