Clardy appointed to Board of Trustees

Brian Clardy, associate professor of history, plans on creating a textbook scholarship for the department of history with his new position on the Board of Trustees at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn.

The University of the South is a private coeducational liberal arts college, which is owned by 28 southern dioceses of the Episcopal Church. There are two dioceses in the state of Kentucky – the diocese of Lexington and the diocese of Kentucky.

Clardy said he filled a lay position on the Sewanne Board of the diocese of Kentucky after the term of the former holder of the position expired. He said he is waiting for The University of the South to process his certification before he begins any work with the Board.

Clardy said his new position has requirements similar to any board of trustees.

“I know it is going to require me going to meetings and voting on policy, similar to any board of trustees, but there is a requirement that I make an annual gift to the university as well,” Clardy said. “It’s going to be a textbook scholarship for the department of history there (The University of the South) and I’m naming it after my grandparents. It’s going to be called the Atkins-Rogers Textbook Scholarship Fund.”

The scholarship fund, which will be specifically for the department of history, is his vision for the school as a member of the board. The scholarship will be funded by Clardy himself and any of his family members who are willing to donate.

As he will keep his position at Murray State, he hopes to use his position on the Board of Trustees at The University of the South to get the two schools to collaborate in some areas.

“I think there are different areas where these two great schools can work together collaboratively,” Clardy said. “I am going to look for opportunities, as I talk to folks on campus, for ways that we can work together.”

Clardy said being elected to the Board is a deep honor for several reasons, including his pride for Racer Nation and his love for the Episcopal Church.

“I am a proud member of Racer Nation as an alumnus to this school and I am proud to tell anybody any where that I am an alumnus and faculty member of Murray State,” Clardy said. “I am also a devout Anglican and I love the Episcopal Church because it has met my spiritual needs. And knowing that we have an Episcopal school that is also feeding young minds, makes me wonder how we can bring those two worlds together and do some good in both of them.”

Clardy decided to name the textbook scholarship after his grandparents because they are the reason for his initial interest in history as they taught him based on their experiences of many historical moments.

Story by Alex Berg, Staff writer.