Rifle takes second at Morehead

The 10th ranked Murray State Rifle team didn’t deliver this week as it traveled to Morehead State University Nov. 9-10.

Jacksonville State University and Morehead State University shot against the Racers. Jacksonville State won the match with a team aggregate score of 4,641. The Racers came in second with an aggregate score of 4,613, and Morehead shot a 4,573.

Sophomore Kelsey Emme led the Racers with an aggregate score of 1,156, with a 571 in smallbore and a 585 in air rifle. Junior Mikey Burzynski tied with Emme for the Racers’ highest air rifle score with a 585. Teammate freshman Tessa Howald had the second best score for the Racers with an aggregate of 1,153 (576 in small bore and a 577 in air rifle).

Freshman teammate Kaitlyn Wilson shot a 574 in both air rifle and small bore. Senior Bill Harvey also shot the same score in both disciplines with a 571.

Burzynski acknowledged the team struggled to adapt to the new range and shooting environment.

“Both Murray State’s and Morehead have nice facilities; they are very different,” Burzynski said. “We were shooting off of computer monitors. There were also three different ranges going on at once, and it felt weird not shooting with a teammate.”

Head Coach Alan Lollar was not pleased with the team’s lack of consistency.

“We worked hard, but this was not the match we went there to shoot,” Lollar said. “Monday is a training day. It’s time to go to work.”

According to Burzynski this match will help the Racers in their preparation for the upcoming OVC championships in February. This will be the same range, on which the Racers will shoot for the OVC championship match. Morehead’s range, Button Rifle Range, will host the OVC championships in February 2013.

“One lesson we can take away from this match is to better prepare for the OVC’s,” Burzynski said. “Now we know where we are going to be shooting at, how we’re going to be shooting, how things are going to be and things to work and improve upon.”

The Racers had difficulties throughout the entire match.

“There were points we did well and other points we didn’t do well at all,” said Burzynski. “We struggled most of the time, and I would say we are definitely going to work on our air. Our smallbore wasn’t as far off from where it should be, but there are still points to pick up and things to definitely work on this week.”

This match marked the third consecutive match in which the Racers took on the Jacksonville State Gamecocks. The Racers are preparing to travel Jacksonville, Ala., on Nov. 17 to take on the 5th ranked team for a fourth time during their fall 2012 season. This match will be Murray State’s last match before the holiday season.

Story by Laura Kovarik, Staff writer.