Campus Voice: Women need to be taken seriously

Everyone knows that women can’t drive …

… When they aren’t in a car. Otherwise, they are provided that same opportunity to earn their license. To say that they are equal in all aspects of life is untrue though. One need only look at our current politics to see this.

Think about what politicians have said. Paul Ryan does not believe a woman should be able to have an abortion even if she is raped or her life is threatened.

Republican Todd Akin announced that pregnancy from legitimate rape doesn’t happen. As though if you get pregnant from rape, you wanted to be raped.

Or let’s think about the arguments in response to rape such as “she shouldn’t be wearing those clothes.”

Fair enough on the argument that if a woman doesn’t want to be ogled she probably shouldn’t reveal so much of the areas that makes the male loins tingle with happiness. That is about as far as that argument goes. Honestly, who really thinks that the clothes make people sexually assault each other?

Last time I checked, there isn’t a rape orgy occurring in the quad because some guy saw another girl in revealing clothing. Although, I’m sure we’ve all heard the stories of certain parties.

Apparently, men have the right to put the red tape on your uterus. Also, to force you to have this huge tool shoved in your vagina that’s bigger than most men, admit it guys. Transvaginal Ultrasound!

Perhaps we should step back to what the propagandist Rush Limbaugh has to say about women who want birth control. When he was asked about birth control and a young female college student taking it he proceeded to call her a “slut” because she needed to take birth control every day. Well, that’s how birth control works. You have to take it on a regular basis in order for it to be effective. Plus, birth control is also used by some women in order to help balance hormones as prescribed by their doctor.

Speaking of vagina, did you know if you have one that you probably won’t be making as much as a man?

You need not look further than where you’re standing really.

I have no idea what it is about vagina that makes it worth less than a sausage fest but there’s apparently something. There must be because women on the same level as men and who have even been there longer still get paid less.

While some may say the woman’s place is in the house and not the workplace, I disagree. A woman’s place is where ever she wishes to be. True that I believe that all should live up to their potential and make a difference in society but if a woman wants to be a housewife, then she can be that just as they should be an executive if they wish – doesn’t mean she can’t make a difference in the community.

They have the right to choose where they want to be and while I may hear that their place is the kitchen I don’t believe it. My own mother showed me that a woman can do the work and raise a family.

If women couldn’t work then when we went to war we would have crumbled. While men were in the war, women were in the factories. They created everything we needed to survive the war. They kept the country going when no one else was here to do so. Then they took care of the ones who came back from war. If it weren’t for them, America wouldn’t exist.

Women have shown they can carry the load of the country through the toughest times so why are we treating them like they can’t? Why do we make them have to prove themselves more than males? Why do we try to take away their maternity leave?

I’m not sure if my male parts make this ironic or not.

Somewhere along the line something has gone wrong and we still refuse to do anything about it.

Perhaps now is the time to start changing it. Otherwise, when the lightning strikes the clock at precisely 10:04 p.m. we’re sending you back … to the kitchen!

Commentary by Kyle Shupe, senior from Farmington, Ky.

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