Letter to the Editor: 11.09.12

What are the problems facing America today? Maybe this isn’t the correct question at all, the real question at hand is; what is your problem? What issues seem to be affecting you? The common everyday person has one problem that faces them every day, money.

Whilst in the midst of a recession people are always concerned about money problems; what bill can I pay this week? Money has always been hard to come by and easy to get rid of.

Too many Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck and barely pay their bills on time. I am included in this myself, working at a restaurant for $8 an hour is the best I can do at this time.

When I graduated high school many people thought that I would go on to do great things, including myself, but due to personal reasons that went out the window. Now that I have chose the path of the laborer I know what it is like to fight for every penny you earn and don’t take money for granted. I am part of the majority of my age group (21-25) that is feeling the effects of a recession every day.

This brings me to my next question, what are your money problems? There are countless answers to this question, with the most common issues being the mound of student loan debts and every day bills during a time that jobs are scarce and a majority of what is there for someone who can’t find a position in their field of study pays minimum wage or close to it. Speaking from personal experience, it is a constant challenge on budgeting money with low wages and high bills.

As a result of the poor wages and crummy jobs available to the young adults of today, I believe that America is learning and growing. These people are re-discovering what many generations before us already know; they know what it is like to work for every dollar and to use their money wisely. There are still the more privileged that have everything handed to them, but the lower and middle classes are growing and they are what the backbone of the country is. God Bless America and God Bless the young adults who are starting to step up to the plate and start their term as the American workforce.

Letter by Carl Kleug, non-student from Wendell, N.C.