New judge rejects first deal, offers one year sentence



The fate of men’s basketball sophomore Zaveral “Zay” Jackson remains unknown this week after Judge Craig Clymer rejected the plea deal the point guard originally entered under Judge Dennis Foust.

Clymer held a status hearing at Wednesday afternoon and offered Jackson one year in jail for two charges of first-degree wanton endangerment. If Jackson accepts this offer, he will be sentenced Nov. 21.

If Jackson accepts the offer, he will be eligible for shock probation. This agreement would allow Jackson to serve a portion of the year in a correctional facility and serve the rest on probation.

If Jackson declines the offer, the case will be taken to trial.

The original plea deal Jackson accepted from Foust included 30 weekend days in jail, attendance of anger management courses, community service projects and restitution for the victims. Jackson will not serve time in jail on weekends under the one-year sentence.

Foust left the trial in mid-October after an unknown media source questioned his ties to the Murray State basketball team. Clymer, a McCracken County circuit judge, was appointed after Foust recused himself.

Head Coach Steve Prohm and athletic director Allen Ward suspended Jackson from all team activities, including practices shortly after Foust left the trial. At basketball media day Oct. 31, Prohm announced he was allowing Jackson to practice with the team.

“He’s back to practice now,” Prohm said. “I think he has to practice because he’s got great leadership, he’s got great competitive spirit and he’s a great teammate. He wants to be a part of the program and he wants to win. At the end of the day, what happened to him does not define who he is.”

 Story by Lexy Gross, Staff writer.