Residential colleges begin flag football season

Temperatures dropped as tensions rose during the Lizzo A and Hart Ravens women’s flag football game last Thursday night.

Lizzo began the game with possession of the ball. The team got off to a strong start with a pass completion of 15 yards for a first down.

The biggest challenge the team faced was working together to stop Hart’s defense, said Lizzo sophomore Sarah Dotson.

Lizzo continued down the field during the first five minutes of the first half. A wild throw by the quarterback resulted in an interception.

The Ravens slowly progressed down the field completing multiple throws for a succession of 1st downs. The ball was turned over after an incomplete pass in the in zone.

“The turning point in the game was when we were able to stop Hart very quickly,” Dotson said. “And then we were able to force them to make mistakes.”

Lizzo failed to move the ball down the field and opted to punt it to clear it from the end zone. With five minutes remaining in the half, the Ravens’ quarterback threw an interception. Lizzo was unsuccessful in advancing the ball.

At halftime the score was tied 0-0.

“The majority of our players are returning,” Dotson said. “It definitely factors into how well our team plays together. We only have to teach a few people the new rules and stuff.”

The second half kicked off with the Ravens’ quarterback throwing another interception.

Lizzo powered down the field and was able to score a touchdown, making the score 7-0.

Dotson believes Lizzo had an advantage over other teams in the league because of its experience and returning players.

“We have a couple of seniors and juniors that have been doing this for a while and they have stepped up and that has really helped us,” Dotson said.

According to Dotson they have been running drills and practicing for the last few weeks in preparation for this game.

“I really hope we can go undefeated or only have one or two losses,” Dotson said. “We are definitely going to run some more plays and lots of drills in practices.”

The Ravens rallied and matched Lizzo’s touchdown but were unable to score the extra point. The score was 7-6 with a few minutes left to go.

Both teams’ aggressive defense led to low scores and multiple errors by the quarterbacks. Lizzo was able to hold onto its lead and kick off their season with a 7-6 victory.

Story by Laura Kovarik, Staff writer.