Liner Notes: Men rock, too

Anna Taylor

Two weeks ago, I listed a few of my favorite female artists in my column. I figured it would only be appropriate and fair if I honored some male artists this week.

When you think about men who rock, some rock artists from past decades might come to mind. For my list, I wanted to keep everything young and current and name people who still perform today, like I did with the females.

These guys really get into their music and can sing too. They are also all good entertainers.

1. Marcus Mumford

As the lead vocalist in the folk rock band Mumford and Sons, the singer brings some authentic talent to the mic. His voice is nothing like I’ve ever heard before and it’s hard to compare the band to any other. He deserves a place in this column, maybe more so than anyone else in this list, for his voice alone. Even if you’re not an avid fan of folk, this artist’s band is still extremely likeable.

2. Adam Levine

This past summer I purchased Levine’s band Maroon 5’s latest album “Overexposed.” When I listened to their cover of Prince’s “Kiss,” I was extremely surprised by how strong Levine’s vocals were (and just how cool that song sounds being performed as a blues jam). The male singer can squeal, which could be frowned upon by some, but for me, it’s pretty hardcore. Listen to that track and you’ll notice it.

3. Bruno Mars

A couple of weeks ago, Mars doubled as host and musical guest for Saturday Night Live. Being an embarrassingly obsessed fan of the show, I thought the double gig was a little undeserving for him. Once the show ended, my opinion completely changed. Mars performed his current single “Locked Out of Heaven.”

The song is a fun jam that samples from various decades: the 80s, 90s and today. When I watched him perform it, I couldn’t help but want to immediately be one of his backup singers. I’m missing some of the characteristics that seem to qualify for his band but my point is, he rocks (and so does his all-male band).

4. Chris Martin (and all of Coldplay)

For years Martin’s band Coldplay has held many spots in my music library. The music is emotional and lyrics are poetic. It’s their music that makes them rock, and they’ve seven Grammy awards to prove it. I could listen to an entire album without any vocals. Martin is simply the icing on the cake when he sings. If I ever made a movie, I would want them to make the entire soundtrack.

5. Thomas Mars

Thomas Mars, no relation to Bruno, is the lead vocalist of one of my favorite bands – Phoenix. His almost whiny vocals stand out to me. If you add some hip electronical music to it then you’ve got Phoenix. Check out their most popular hits “1901” and “Liztomania” and you’ll like them too.


6. Jason Mraz

As a fan of his, I attended Mraz’s concert on campus in 2010. I had always been pretty familiar with his style and his music but once I heard him live, my respect for him grew much more. His music is fun and soulful and his dance moves are contagious. One last thing I should mention about Mraz: he sounds great live.

Column by Anna Taylor, Features Editor.