Liner Notes: Women who rock

Anna Taylor

On Tuesday, it was announced that Beyonce Knowles will be performing at the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show.

From her dancing to her trained vocals, I’m really looking forward to watching the very powerful Knowles entertain the crowd.

Maybe we’ll even see a guest appearance from Jay-Z.

Because I’m excited about Knowles’ upcoming gig, I decided to dedicate this column to my personal favorite female singers–some pop, others alternative. These ladies share their passion and dedication with Knowles. As of now, only one of them has ever performed at a Super Bowl.

1. Amy Heidemann

You probably don’t recognize the name but I guarantee if you’ve turned on a radio over the past three months, you’ve heard her voice. As one-half of the upcoming duo Karmin, Heidemann is known for her fast rapping and goofy facial expressions. I’ve pretty much had a girl crush on her since I saw her cover video of “Look At Me Now” on YouTube.

The duo was voted by fans – myself included – to grace the “Women Who Rock” issue cover of Rolling Stone.

2. Sia Furler

The Australian singer, who drops the last name when performing, might not exactly look like she can sing well but her voice is absolutely gorgeous. If you don’t listen to indie/alternative music like me, maybe you have recently heard her featured in Flo Rida’s song “Wild Ones.” She was also a guest advisor for Team Christina on “The Voice” in season one and has worked with David Guetta.

3. Alicia Keys

If it was still August or anytime before then, I probably wouldn’t have considered mentioning Keys in this column. But, her performance of “Girl On Fire” at the MTV Video Music Awards in September just reminded me just how great she is. Often performing while playing piano–which is basically an instant musical win for me– the singer puts soul into her words, which is very rare in popular music today.

4. Karen Orzolek

As the front woman of indie group Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this rock-diva might just be the coolest woman I’ve ever listened to. Born in South Korea, the singer’s calm voice is probably what got me interested in the indie genre. Her alternative rocker-style is very likeable.

Listen to some of the band’s hits such as “Maps” and “Hysteric” and you’ll agree.

5. Santi White

Known to many by her stage name, Santigold, this fun singer can be classified as pop, reggae fusion, electronica and new wave. She just released her second album in April and actually collaborated with Karen O for one of her songs. The best way I can describe her is by saying she’s very urban and fun. Her music also makes for great workout mixes.


6. Maureen McDonald

Though not nearly­­ as famous as the other artists in this column, McDonald – also known as MoZella – first grabbed my attention when I was watching an episode of “One Tree Hill.” Her raspy vocals and relateable lyrics make her a favorite of mine.

Though some of these females may never perform at a Super Bowl, they will continue to entertain me.

Column by Anna Taylor, Features Editor.