Bauernfeind honored by dedication ceremony

Bauernfeind speaks about his feelings for Murray State at the College of Business dedication ceremony. || Maddie Mucci/The News

Arthur J. Bauernfeind, who has made several multi-million dollar donations to the University in the last 20 years, was recently recognized for his contributions with a dedication ceremony in his honor.

The dedication of the Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business was held in front of the North Business Building, the attendees were unable to be contained in the immediate courtyard and spilling on to the surrounding grass comprised primarily of faculty of the College of Business, members of the Board of Trustees and current students and alumni.

President Randy Dunn was emcee for the event, and explained the official dedication had been moved to Oct. 12 due to Bauernfeind having been ill on the date it had previously been scheduled earlier in the year.

Tim Todd, dean of the Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business was the first of four presenters to speak, the others including Dunn, one of Bauernfeind’s oldest friends: Tom Wells, and Bauernfeind himself.

Speaking on Bauernfeind’s most recent multi-million dollar donation to the College of Business, Todd said the gift will be transformational for the school and for the next generations of students.

“Today is your day,” Todd said. “But it’s our day too; for past, present and future students.”

Prior to the dedication, Todd said Bauernfeind, has had a tremendous influence on shaping the College of Business, striving to ensure thousands of future students receive the personal attention and education he received.

After his speech, Todd awarded Bauernfeind a plaque, inducting him into the Beta Gamma Sigma business honor society.

Dunn, spoke next and listed the accomplishments and contributions of Bauernfeind to the University and gave a bit of background on the man behind the name.

Bauernfeind’s benefaction was instrumental in the creation of the Susan E. Bauernfeind Student Recreation & Wellness Center, named after his late daughter. He has been a strong supporter of the library, he established the Arthur J. Bauernfeind Endowed Chair and has helped with scholarships for business students.

He has been a member of the Murray State Foundation Board of Trustees for almost 20 years, and for the past 10 years he has served as chair.

Currently he is the Chairman Emeritus of Westfield Capital Management Company in Boston which manages $15 billion of endowment, pension, foundation and private wealth common stock portfolios, previously having served as the chairman, CEO, president and chief operating officer.

Dunn said Bauernfeind is the College of Business’ largest donor and is also one of Murray State’s largest donors.  He said Bauernfeind played a huge role in the Hold Thy Banner High fundraiser, which just ended its year-long campaign Oct 12 and exceeded its goal of $60 million, by nearly $11 million.

Wells recounted his time at Murray State with Bauernfeind, having befriended him in the first few weeks of school and having played on the baseball tea with him.  Wells passed around a picture of the two of them and some of their other friends from when they attended Murray.

Bauernfeind said he was truly humbled by the ceremony and Murray State’s choice to name the college of business after him.

“I remember my 4 years here with such fondness,” Bauernfeind said “I just enjoyed it so much, every hour of every day.”

Bauernfeind praised Murray State’s College of Business for their curriculum, giving business students much needed writing assignments and requiring them to speak up in class in a time when many are being critical of what business schools’ are teaching their students.  Bauernfeind compared the College of Business’ style to that of Harvard’s business school.

He said the College of Business’ requirement of students to take a business ethics course to graduate also made the College stand out among other business schools and is a vitally important feature, especially in a time when so many people from Wall Street are being marched off to jail for their misconduct.

With this dedication, the Arthur J Bauernfeind College of Business becomes only the second college at Murray to be named, the other being the Hutson School of Agriculture.

“We are in debt and gratitude of Dr. Bauernfeind’s generosity,” Todd said, “and we are proud of naming the College of Business after him to always be known as the Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business at Murray State University.  We are blessed, and most importantly, our students and future students are blessed.”

Written by Ben Manhanke, Staff writer.