SGA freshmen senators chosen

Freshmen Paige Barker and Taylor Futrell are making sure the youngest class has a voice as class senators. The pair was voted to represent the freshmen class in the Student Governement Association as the two freshmen senators.

Five freshmen ran for the position altogether. Along with Barker and Futrell, Caisey Dotson, Nathan Payne and Joe Schifano were the other candidates vying for a chance to represent their classmates in SGA.

Voting was open to freshmen Sept. 24 – 26 via myGate. Winners were announced in front of the office for center for student involvement at 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 26.

Jeanie Morgan, coordinator for student activities, said for the senators to be elected by their peers is a privilege and carries a high degree of responsibility.

“Decisions the freshman senators make, will have long lasting effect,” Morgan said. “It is an undertaking not to be treated lightly.”

She said through the years, many of the freshman senators have gone on to hold executive offices and made crucial decisions in the operations of Murray State University.

She said she believes the newly elected freshman senators will continue that tradition.
Don Robertson, vice president of Student Affairs, said the two freshmen senators will be critical to student government because they will be the ones that will chair the freshmen council, which will be a group of freshman that advise the administration on how they are doing.

The freshman council will be working with Jamie Mantooth, director of student retention, to maintain retention rates of the student body.

“The freshmen senators have a big job because in reality, we look to those two freshmen to express the views and concerns of our freshman class,” Robertson said. “You have certain expectations of Murray State because you decided to come here and we want these folks to make sure are we meeting the expectations of these new students.”

Robertson said some of the questions the freshmen senators’ will help address are, is the University providing what we said we would provide and are students having a positive experience?

He said the individuals representing the freshmen class have a big responsibility.

Futrell said she was very excited to have been elected a freshman senator.

“I couldn’t believe that both Tri-Sigma’s running were elected,” Futrell said. “I really want to help make Murray State a better University.”

She said she thinks she will provide a great voice for the freshman class.

Said Futrell: “Being elected has given me the chance to become even more involved on campus and I am thrilled at the opportunity.”

Story by Meghann Anderson, Assistant News Editor.