Letter to the Editor: 10.3.12

In the Sept. 21 “cheers and jeers” section, a concern was raised regarding re-connecting to the wireless from building to building.

The reason some clients are forced to re-authenticate when entering new buildings is that they are actually different networks, even though they share the same network name (SSID).

We encourage all faculty, staff, and students to use MSUsecure which only requires them to enter their username and password once, regardless of the building.

For assistance with connecting to MSUsecure from your mobile device or computer, please visit Murray State University’s Helpdesk support site at http://support.murraystate.edu/knowledgemanager/index.php or call 270-809-2346.

Network Services values feedback and will continue to address all concerns on a case- by-case basis. You can email any concerns to msu.helpdesk@murraystate.edu.


Letter by LaMarr Baucom, wireless network engineer, RSNET Information Systems.