Rose fights for faculty salary raise

Jack Rose
Faculty Regent

The faculty regent of the Murray State Board of Regents holds a vital position on campus.

This faculty member is the voice of the collective faculty members within the administrative governing body. Jack Rose, professor in the College of Education, currently holds that role.

President Randy Dunn said Rose is committed to being the best representative for the faculty.

“Rose takes very seriously his regent role as representative for the faculty,” he said. “I know he spends a great amount of time traversing the campus to seek out faculty members from all over campus and to listen to their concerns.”

Rose was elected to the board in a special election. Jay Morgan, associate provost, had originally filled the position as faculty regent, but was appointed to associate provost after the election.

Rose said the preparatory work for his election consisted of acquiring 20 faculty signatures which were filed with an application to the Office of the Provost. The voters in this election consisted of assistant professors, associate professors, professors and instructors.

Rose said there were four faculty members running, including him. The two members with the majority of the votes held a run off and Rose said he won nearly 2:1.

Rose said his interest in the position of faculty regent stemmed from his desire to help students.

“To me teaching is something that would allow me to help people,” he said. “That’s the driving force, to be in a position in which I could help people.”

He said helping students was an important cause, but that without the excellent faculty at Murray State that would not be possible.

“I represent the faculty on the board,” he said. “But the board must remember students are the No. 1 priority. Also, the overall health and welfare of the entire institution has to be a major consideration, within that particular consideration – you have the welfare of the student, faculty and staff.”

He said in terms of the board’s interests – the students, faculty and staff – the board wants to keep the price as low as possible while making the quality as high as possible.

“The critical element to every single decision the board makes is how to balance affordability with quality,” he said.

Rose said one of the big items he has tried to address to the Board of Regents is the salary roster for Murray State faculty members and the staff. He said he, President Randy Dunn, Phil Schooley, the Staff Regent and Jeremiah Johnson, the Student Regent have worked diligently in an effort to get the compensation level for faculty and staff at a rate which compares well with other universities in Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee.

“I know were probably low according to the data,” he said. “We’re probably below average in terms of the salary ranges were in.”

Rose said the board has tried to get funds into the salaries this year, but with cuts to the higher education budget it was not possible.

He said the reason an appropriate salary is an item he fights for, is because without the faculty and staff there would be no University.

He also said the University needs to make compensation a priority so the faculty and staff will be encouraged to stay, and that an increase would help in recruiting better faculty and staff.

 Story by Chris Wilcox, News Editor.