Letter to the Editor: 09.28.12

For every student, parking tickets have become something of a concern.

As it once was, a requirement to buy a parking permit was no more than a mere trade.

A mild fee would give us, as commuters, a fair exchange for the rights to a parking space that was near our class.

The problem as time has passed, however, has been the rapid growth in student and faculty body (and the transportation they use) and the lack of development for accommodation to the commuter.

Over the past few years, certain acceptance policies have opened the doors to a wider range of student body.

While I believe that this is a good route for education to take, I do not believe that it should be as quickly implemented as we have seen at Murray State.

A university should grow with its student body. It should expand to accommodate, as its purpose is to provide us with our college experience, not attempt to further line their coffers with a larger student body.

In my eyes, this is another strain on my already tapped wallet. As a student, I contribute exuberate amounts of money, in conjunction with the rest of the student body.

A parking tag, a necessary fee for the general university, should be valued at its worth, and when it is more cost-effective for me to park outside of university grounds and simply walk to class, rather than buying the equivalent of a season pass to Six Flags, I opt to walk to class.

Letter from Josh Tillson, junior from Sharpe, Ky.