Letter to the Editor: 09.14.12

There are plenty of good little FCS Division 1-AA teams in various conferences and leagues. You self-absorbed, egotistical, mindless and delusional dolts clearly embarrassed our, my and your school, its alumni, future prospects, yourselves and everybody connected with athletic department.

The sports broadcasters, ESPN and other college sports networks found the scheduling of Florida State in the ACC and Murray State in Ohio Valley Conference pathetic.

You finance genius types got your non-conference football payday. Every time ESPN showed us the updated score we puked our collective guts out.

What a joke you and your college administration is pretending to be competitive with the likes of Florida State.

Wouldn’t you all agree that Murray State was going to get smashed and beaten to a pulp all over the field by Florida State? You subjected your athletes to physical peril, risk, danger, derision, scorn and mental health issues.

I’ve been a loyal supporter of the University of Washington and now Pacific 12 since 1973.

My wife graduated from the University of Washington School of Social Work. She retired from the government as a career senior executive administrator. I retired from the Bank of America as corporate loan & business development officer. I worked with the Small Business Administration as a disaster reserve loan specialist, too.

The game you all planned or scheduled some time ago was an un-mitigated disaster 69 – 3.

Why did you schedule this game? What were you trying to accomplish? Who were you trying to impress? What was your true motive, inspiration booking this away game with Florida State?

Is Southern California, Stanford, Oregon, UCLA or UW on the future schedule?

How about Michigan, Louisiana State, Ohio State, Miami? Putting this game on your schedule is repulsive, disgusting and reprehensible.

You did more damage to your school and program and the students by actually putting Florida State on the football calendar. It’s a wonder some of the kids weren’t really hurt, harmed or injured. Actually, they were in many intangible and tangible ways.

Play UK, Louisville or Vanderbilt every year for non-conference instead of thinking you have arrived in the football or basketball world.

You have no class or character for scheduling this game.

You are professional and managerial losers but your students and alumni and football players are winners.


Letter from John Cooper, Murray State alumni.