Get ready for fall television!

Spoiler alert! Here’s a list of new shows we’re looking forward to, both new and old, what they’re all about and where they left off last season.


“Saturday Night Live” – Sept. 15

After a summer of not knowing who will be joining the cast ­in place of Kristin Wiig, Abby Elliot and Andy Samberg, or if Jason Sudeikis will be returning for the 38th season of the show, we finally have some answers.  The guessing games are over. New players Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson and Cicily Strong will join the cast, Sudeikis will be returning and Seth MacFarlane will host while Frank Ocean will be performing.

“Parks and Recreation” – Sept. 20

We left off last season with Lesile Knope winning the election for city councilwoman. This season you can look for more romance between Lesile and Ben (played by Amy Poehler and Adam Scott) as well as special appearances from real-life senators like John McCain. Health guru Chris (Rob Lowe) trains to climb Mount Everest and Tom (Aziz Ansari) searches for more business ventures.

“Modern Family” – Sept. 26

The kooky, loveable family will soon grace our screens again. By the end of last season we were all hoping Cameron and Mitchell would adopt another baby but were left with the shock of discovering Gloria is the one who is actually pregnant.

“Dexter” – Sept. 30

While the sixth season of Dexter might not have been the best, the finale definitely left you on the edge of your seat. The seventh season will start right where the last season left off, with Deb catching Dexter mid-kill. It will be interesting to see how Dexter will twist this one around in his favor.


“Gossip Girl” – Oct. 8

After five previous seasons, Gossip Girl will end its run after the sixth and final season airing this fall. A lot of drama from the core group of characters is sure to take place for the final season. Did we really expect anything less?

“Nashville” – Oct. 10

After starring as the beloved Tammy Taylor on “Friday Night Lights,” Connie Britton is back and turning on the southern charm once again for ABC’s new hit drama “Nashville.” Britton plays Rayna James, an older country star trying to find a younger demographic.

“Community” – Oct. 19

No one was sure of how this next season would be considering the original creator, Dan Harmon was fired and two of its executive producers left the show. After taking a look into the first episode, I don’t think anyone has to be worried. Season four will start off with the student’s records being destroyed which gives Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) for the students to compete in a “Hunger Games” type competition to get into the classes they want. In Jeff’s (Joel McHale) case, he must fight for the class he wants entry in so badly, the History of Ice Cream.

“Happy Endings” – Oct. 23

It has been said that Happy Endings is the new Friends. It’s still living up to that name. The third season is sure to bring even more laughs when Penny is hurt and Max becomes her personal nurse or when Brad and Max become “bar mitzvah-hype men” called Boys II Menorah,” creator David Caspe said.

Compiled by Savannah Sawyer, Assistant Features Editor.