Vehicle strikes student pedestrian in morning accident

Chelsea Watkins, senior from Paducah, Ky., was struck by a moving vehicle on 16th Street Wednesday morning at at approximately 10:11.

The Murray Police Department reported that Clara Beach, 77, of Murray, was traveling south on 16th Street when Watkins stepped into the crosswalk and Beach’s vehicle made contact with her near Calloway Avenue.

Murray Police Department Spokesman Sgt. Scott Svebakken said Watkins crossed the street near Alexander Hall during an exchange of classes. Beach, who was driving south toward Main Street, struck Watkins in the crosswalk and immediately stopped her vehicle.

MPD Officer Patrick Morris responded to the scene shortly after 10 a.m. and determined that Watkins required medical attention. Shortly afterward, she was transported to the Murray-Calloway County Hospital where she was treated for minor injuries and released, according to an MCCH spokesperson.

The report claimed Watkins suffered multiple injuries, though no charges have been filed against either the driver or victim.

Beach said she was not injured after the accident. Other responding agencies included the Murray Fire Department, and University Public Safety, but Murray State Police Chief David DeVoss said his officers were only on the scene for backup and did not take part in the investigation. DeVoss said the MPD maintains jurisdiction on city streets in the event of accidents, but those streets are typically under the Murray State Police’s jurisdiction.

Although Wednesday morning’s incident occurred on campus, the MPD conducted the investigation, which was completed shortly before noon.

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