Campus Voice: In defense of the right to choose


The mere utterance of that word makes anyone uncomfortable. Or is it the beginning of a crude joke?

The idea of abortion to some is absolutely insane. To others, it is a right to choose despite the difficulty of the choice.

When one says they are pro-choice, the stigma they are stuck with is “pro-abortion,” which is quite different. Pro-choice persons believe that two consenting adults have the right to choose if they are ready for a child and if they can provide for said child.

Or, in some cases despite the ridiculousness of our current extremist conservatives saying “pregnancy from rape doesn’t happen” or “legitimate rape,” the woman is pregnant from sexual assault or her life is threatened by the pregnancy.

Of course, the argument from the opposition is an easily understood one, particularly spiritually and philosophically.

When does life begin? This is the basis of the opposition: the belief that the fetus is just as alive as you or me.

Whether or not it is is not the discussion. Instead, it is the folly of the situations surrounding abortion.

Let’s start with methods of preventing abortion. Personhood laws have got to be one of the greatest infringements upon American rights by the right-wing insanity.

Personhood laws establish rights that come with being born at conception. Instead of outlawing abortion the proper way, they just turned it into murder. Not to mention it bans a lot of the common and popular forms of birth control. Just to be clear, abstinence doesn’t happen, libido does.

A miscarriage could be considered failure to report a death when the family is only wishing to keep their privacy during their grieving.

Or how about corpse desecration for if the egg is fertilized but fails to implant in the uterus as it does 33 percent of the time or if the miscarriage occurs on the toilet?

This is the insanity we deal with now. Of course, to you crazy right-wingers I have something for you to consider: Anchor Zygotes. Dem illegal aliens taking yer jerbs will be able to stay upon conception! This in personhood laws is TWO weeks before a woman’s period!

An unfertilized egg is a living breathing person–in bizarro world. This is another attempt to make it harder for abortions to occur.

The implications of these INSANE and clearly unconstitutional laws are boundless.

What about rape? Should we subject the victims to be forced to carry and raise a child as a result of a heinous act?

What about the woman’s life being threatened? Should we risk her life? How can we deny life to someone who is already here just to try to bring new life?

Adoption should truly be considered before conception. That would make a difference.

Finally, pro-life comes with the insinuation that you believe all life, at least human life, is sacred and should be protected. This is not true of pro-lifers and their party. Otherwise, they would be for Obamacare, which was modeled after Romneycare.

I remember the “Let Him Die” speech when the conservative candidates were answering questions earlier this cycle.

When asked about a man with cancer was denied coverage from his health insurance the question of what should be done was posed. “Let him die” was being shouted by the crowd.

I’m not quite sure how that can be considered protecting life. If you want to be pro-life, then be pro-life as in help all who need it.

You can’t pick and choose if you want a clear conscience and good morals. Healthcare is not socialism.

If you want to force a life into this world then you better be prepared to also care for that life because you have become responsible for that life.

It makes no sense to bring that life into this world and then leave it to die when it comes to the unethical and evil practices of the businesses in our world. Not to mention, your neglect to care for a life is just as evil.

Would Jesus ignore these people?

Column by Kyle Shupe, senior from Mayfield, Ky.

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  1. This was a good article, but kind of scattered.

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