Students notice email phishing alert

This is a screenshot of the email phishing scam.

This is a screenshot of the email phishing scam.

An email phishing scam has been sent to multiple students, faculty and staff of Murray State.

The scam, featured above, has been recognized and blocked by Murray State officials. If, somehow, the email reaches your inbox delete it.

Administrators have said no official email from the University would ask for your password.

Brad Riley, student worker at Murray State’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology and sophomore from Benton, Ky., said several students have fallen victim to the scam. After the students sent their information, they were locked out of their accounts because the creators of the email phishing scam changed their passwords.

He said it could become a real problem because the hackers can get your private financial and academic information.

If a student responds to the email, they are encouraged to call the Helpdesk at 809-2346 and if possible to change their email password immediately.

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