University celebrates retirees

As the school year winds down and many students head home for the summer, ten staff members will head home to relax.

They retired during the spring semester or will be leaving the University by July 1.

Retirees include Bill Allbritten, director of the counseling and testing services; David Blackburn, director of procurement; Michael Bucy, materials control coordinator for Facilities Management; Jane Etheridge, director of the Women’s Center; Carliss Herrick, building service technician for Facilities Management; Paul Naberezny, counselor and lecturer for counseling and testing services; Maureen Randoll, captain at Public Safety; Gary Rice, field technician for Facilites Management and Michael Thieke, assistant athletic director.

Josh Jacobs, chief of staff, wanted to thank the staff for their dedication and said the strength of any organization is found in its employees.

“The institutional knowledge and contribution of these retirees to the Murray State University community will surely be missed,” Jacobs said. “We certainly wish them well in their future endeavors.”

Blackburn, who is retiring after 28 years, said he will miss the relationships with other staff that he has developed, but with his time off, he will recover from working many years at Murray State.

All of the retirees have spent many years with the University and are ready for their free time.­­

Naberezny said he will have to adjust to not working every day, and that will take a while.

“My grandchildren and national weekend testing programs will occupy a good portion of my time, but I feel strongly that the first six months will be re-ordering my activities and priorities,” Naberenzy said. “Daily exercise will definitely remain as it is almost a 40-year habit. Community service work and campus volunteer activities are also on my agenda of activities to include.”

He said he will miss his colleagues and fellow retirees at the Counseling Center as well as daily contact with all of the students.