Softball team enjoys unprecedented success

After the most successful season the team had ever seen, and two wins to their weekend, Megan Glosser, senior utility player, would have been content with a loss to Southeast Missouri State.

“The win on senior day was pretty huge,” said Megan Glosser, senior pitcher. “We could have been content with just winning the two games on Saturday, but everyone came back and fought hard to win that third game on Sunday. As a senior I was really proud of how everyone played and how hard everyone fought when we went into that final inning.”

After all, Murray State had only ever had one sweep, and that was early in the season, not now, with just six games left before the conference tournament. Though there is no doubt the Racers are in the tournament, the pressure to go in with enough wins to prove that they’re a threat to those that would have counted them out in the seasons past.

Trailing by four runs in the bottom of the seventh, it looked like the Racers would just have to be content with two out of three wins on the weekend. But then, Mo Ramsey, freshman outfielder, began the comeback.

Junior infielder Mandi Kellerman is currently batting .279 with five home runs and 19 RBI. The Racers hold a 17-10 record within the OVC?and are tied for second place with Jacksonville State. || Photo courtesy of Sports Information

With a bunted single from Ramsey and a triple from Alexa Becker, freshman infielder, the Racers had a start. However, Ramsey’s one run would not be enough to catch the Racers up to SEMO. It would take hits from another seven players, many of whom were freshmen, to end the game with the Racers taking the sweep with five runs in a single inning.

Though gaining the second sweep in the Racers’ short history was sweet, sending the senior Racers off with a sweep was sweeter still.

“Any time you get a sweep it’s exciting, but that was the last time we’ll ever play on that field,” Glosser said. “Any of us. We’re hoping to get a new field and it’s the last time I’ll play on that field as a senior, so it’s just exciting all the way around.”

“We’ve built this program from the ground up,” said Shelby Kosmecki, junior pitcher. “We came in as the first team and that was our field. We’ve played there for three years now and it’s still our own. To go out in a fashion like that is pretty good.”

This weekend the Racers play their last series of the regular season against Eastern Kentucky University. EKU currently has a perfectly split record and is fifth in the conference. With only the top six teams going to the conference tournament, taking down third-ranked Murray State would go a long way to assuring the Colonels a spot in the tournament.

Regardless, the Racers are more excited than worried about their last series of the season, and are ready play in conference

“I think we’re all ready for the conference tournament to start,” Glosser said. “Our goal this year was just to get in, and now that we’re in we have as good of a chance as anyone to win it. We have a whole new confidence now and we take that confidence on top of knowing that we’ve beaten everyone there, we feel like we have a pretty good chance to win it.”

“We just have to take what we’ve already been doing into the tournament,” Kosmecki said. “Our bats are really high right now. Our pitchers are doing really well. We’re in the top of the conference. It’s a good way to go into the tournament.”

The OVC tournament starts May 10, with the Racers currently third in the conference.