Liner Notes: Summer

Summer is a great time for movies, as you can obviously see in the section this week.

Movies, however, are not the only industry with exciting summer releases.

Though summer is an exciting season for film, music isn’t too far behind. Let me enlighten you with some summer albums I can’t wait to hear.

Tuesday is the official release date for the debut album of engaged duo Karmin. I know I have mentioned the couple here before, and since then I have only became a fan.

From their cover of Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” and Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” to their recent radio anthem “Broken Hearted,” the two Berklee School of Music alumni have me anxious for the release of “Hello.”

Although their first album only includes eight tracks, with one being a remix of another track, the artists are guaranteeing their fans will know who they are after listening to the album straight through.

May 22 is a big day for John Mayer as his fifth studio album, “Born and Raised” is set to be released. The lead single “Shadow Days” has caused a bit of controversy for its lyrics.

Some seem to think the song is about a past relationship with actress Jennifer Aniston. After listening to the track, I can’t say I completely disagree, but then again, writing lyrics about getting over someone is a common trend in music. The album’s track list looks like this could be the theme of the entire album. We’ll see.

While Mayer isn’t a new voice to the music scene like Karmin is, both have the same alma mater. It’s great to know that luck and YouTube isn’t the only way to be a successful artist.

When June approaches, I will be looking out for Maroon 5’s release of “Overexposed,” their fourth studio album.

After keeping their most recent album “Hands All Over” on replay for weeks and then again with their single “Moves Like Jagger,” I’m ready for more. Plus, the band collaborated with Wiz Khalifa for the new album’s first released single “Payphone.” I love hearing unpredictable collaborations. “Overexposed” is off to a good start.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals will release their next album in June. I’m anxious to hear front woman, Grace Potter, display her rocker vocals in the album, “The Lion The Beast The Beat.”

This month, Regina Specktor’s next album “What We Saw From The Cheap Seats” will be released. The same artist who managed to pluck our heart strings with her sweet voice on past albums, and tracks from the “(500) Days of Summer” soundtrack, will most likely do it again.

Spektor has already released two singles from the album this year.

While I’d be lying if I said these five upcoming albums are the only ones to be released this summer, they are the ones I am looking forward to listening to most. Each one will bring something unique to my already diverse music library since they are all so eclectic.

Linkin Park, Usher and Justin Bieber among many others will be releasing albums this summer also.