Swing and a Drive: Nine Months

I never realized how much can happen in nine months.

|| Kylie Townsend/The News

|| Kylie Townsend/The News

I mean sure, I know a lot of things could happen; a house could be built, a sports season could come and go – heck, even a baby could be made. But really, I’ve been on this earth for more than 19 years. How much could happen in just nine short months?

You see, nine months ago I was sitting on the couch in my house in Nashville, Tenn. I was probably watching the Atlanta Braves game and texting six or seven of my friends while simultaneously trying to decide who I would be hanging out with or whether or not anyone had a couple of extra tickets to a Predators hockey game.

Nine months ago I was asking my mom what was for dinner and grumbling at the fact that my favorite pair of jeans were still dirty because laundry hadn’t been done yet. I was racing home at 12:09 trying to make it back before my dad realized I was late for my curfew again.

Nine months ago I knew the Braves were going to win the World Series and that Chris Johnson was the best running back in the NFL. I knew I hated the Phillies and Yankees more than anything else, and I knew Murray State had a new coach and probably wouldn’t have such a good season my freshman year.

I also knew hanging out with friends and making a lot of money someday were the two most important things in life. I knew I was a generally nice guy who had a lot of friends and a job and didn’t really need to worry about anything or anyone else.

Nine months ago, I knew just about everything.

Much can change in nine months. I now have a much smaller home where I don’t even have a couch or a TV with all the channels on which the Braves play. I have to wash all my own clothes and pay for all my own gas. I’ve had three different majors and I’ve seen all of the friends who used to live fewer than 15 minutes away spread out from Louisiana to Utah and everywhere in between.

I saw the Braves collapse and fail to even make the playoffs and I saw the “best running back in the NFL” single handedly destroy my fantasy team by only rushing for 1,000 yards and four measly touchdowns.

More importantly, I learned there is a lot more to this spinning ball of earth than Jonathan Ferris and his friends. I learned I’m not always the easygoing good guy I thought I was and that I am entirely too blessed to complain as much as I do.

I learned I could have more love and excitement for an unknown college basketball team from small town western Kentucky than I’d ever had over any of the major league teams I’d watched my entire life.

Indeed, I’ve learned so much these last nine months, and my life has changed in ways I couldn’t have imagined. However, I keep reminding myself these last nine months, which have seemed like a lifetime worth of change, are only one-fourth of my Murray State chapter. I’ve got a whole new chapter starting in August, as I’ve been blessed yet again with the chance to be the sports editor for The News and for you the student, athlete, coach, alumnus or fan.

Here we are at the end of another year at Murray State where we’ve all experienced some of the most genuine joy and sincere sorrow – all in just these last nine months.

We sat captivated, watching our basketball team shock the nation and shatter records, and we all deeply mourned as we lost those dear to our hearts. We laughed, cried, cheer, prayed, and lived our lives together.

Nine months ago, we all started this journey together, not knowing what would come our way, and look where we are now. We’ve all had experiences we won’t ever forget and made friendships that will last a lifetime.

So, whatever your story may be and wherever you are in life right now, just remember – a lot can happen in just nine months.

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