Beshear outlines bridge construction measures

Gov. Steve Beshear addresses a group of city and University officials who gathered at Calloway County High School Wednesday to dedicate a citywide sidewalk initiative allowing those high school students easier access to downtown Murray. || Kylie Townsend/The News

Gov. Steve Beshear visited the Lyon County Riverport Authority in Eddyville, Ky., Wednesday to discuss details regarding repairs to the missing span of the Eggners Ferry Bridge.

The Delta Mariner ocean vessel, struck the bridge on Jan. 26., demolishing a 322-foot portion of the bridge.

The site in Eddyville, Ky., will play host to the assembly of the steel truss, which will be used for a replacement span to temporarily repair and reopen the bridge.

Hall Contracting of Kentucky Inc. crews are fabricating the steel at the company’s main site in Louisville, Ky., and will ship them to the Lyon County Riverport for assembly.

Once completed, the truss will be transported by barge to the bridge and attached via crane.

The contracting agency has a deadline of May 27. Beshear reiterated his emphasis on the deadline to assure traffic was restored for the summer tourism season in western Kentucky.

“We have been single-minded about repairing the Eggners Ferry Bridge and restoring a traffic route that is critical to western Kentucky,” Beshear said. “It’s encouraging to know that, as a Kentucky company, Hall Contracting shares our sense of urgency.”

Hall Contracting must meet the May 27 deadline or they will be fined $50,000 per day past the finish date.

Also included in the governor’s trip to western Kentucky was a visit to Calloway County High School to dedicate the completion of two safety sidewalk projects in Murray.

The projects are part of an initiative to provide more walkable paths across the city. The site Beshear visited would allow students at Calloway to walk down College Farm Road toward the University.

Several Murray State administrators were at attendance.