Students, community gather in Quad for annual event

Allie Douglass/The News

Allie Douglass/The News

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Set-up began early Wednesday morning as Murray State’s campus prepared for All Campus Sing. By 9 a.m., people were already sitting in the Quad or laying blankets reserving spots for the activities to come.

Throughout the morning and early afternoon, the organizations gathered on the steps of Lovett Auditorium for a sound check. Listening to rehearsals and just being anywhere near the Quad early on Wednesday allowed students the joy of having their own soundtrack.

This is the 54th year All Campus Sing has occurred on Murray State’s campus.

The first All Campus Sing took place on the steps of Pogue Library in 1958. It wasn’t until the mid ‘70s that the singing competition was moved to the steps of Lovett, Paul Radke, announcer for All Campus Sing, said.

“It is one of the most rich and time-honored events here on campus,” Radke said.

The event was hosted by the ladies of Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraterniy. This year, Amanda Benson, sophomore from Brookport, Ill. and Madeline Hart, junior from Lexington, Ky., were co-chairs.

“I always enjoy the variety of music and the themes,” Don Robertson, Vice President for Student Affairs said. “I admire our students for all the work that goes into the performance and the practices. I have great respect for Sigma Alpha Iota and their ability to organize this event for now over 54 years.”

They began preparing for the event during the fall semester by arranging meetings so they could let the groups participating know the rules, guidelines and deadlines, Hart said.

For most of the spring semester they stayed in touch with all organizations to let them know any changes or new information that the event may have added.

“We just keep up with all of the organizations that want to compete and keep them up-to-date with everything they need to do: application deadline, tech sheet deadline,” Hart said.

All proceeds from the event went to People to People, SAI’s philanthropy. The proceeds came from the groups participating.

“There was a $50 entry fee for each team,” Hart said. “(People to People) donate instruments and money and music to children or people who otherwise can’t afford it.”

When Wednesday finally rolled around, all the organizations participating were prepared after often months of practicing.

At 4 p.m. the preshow began. Two acappella groups, the Suspensions and the Muses performed.

Shortly after, the Muses sang the National Anthem and the Murray State football team sang the fight song. Following that, SAI sang their chorale and the show was underway.

After the early start to the day and the endless sound checks all morning and afternoon, it was finally time for the event to begin.

There were 22 different organizations competing in All Campus Sing this year.

The contestants were divided into four different categories: independent, residential, sorority and fraternity.

Each performed a show that was timed up to five minutes. The set of music went with the theme of their show.

They were judged by three judges, music professor Matthew Gianforte, Lyon County teacher David Moss and coordinator of information systems Lilia Murray.

“(The judges) have a score sheet and they score each category like musicality, choreography, and overall esthetics,” Hart said.

After all divisions performed, the members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Sigma Alpha Iota put on special performances while the judges deliberated.

“All groups that participated – sororities, fraternities, residential colleges and independent groups – did a wonderful job and showed their dedication,” said Kathryn Reinhardt, junior from Maplewood, Miss., and member of Sigma Alpha Iota.

Hart and Benson announced the winners following the contest.



1st place: Sock-n-Buskin

2nd place: International Student Organization

3rd place: Baptist Campus Ministry


1st place: Springer-Franklin College

2nd place: Clark College

3rd place: Elizabeth College Sorority

1st place: Alpha Gamma Delta

2nd place: Sigma Sigma Sigma

3rd place: Alpha Sigma Alpha


1st place: Sigma Phi Epsilon

2nd place: Alpha Sigma Phi

3rd place: Lambda Chi Alpha


Director’s choice: The Murray State News

Best choreography: Sigma Sigma Sigma

Spirit award: Alpha Sigma Alpha

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