Racer patrol enforces campus safety

Melissa Ruhlman/The News

Making certain a campus is safe takes a lot of responsibility.

The Murray State Racer Patrol is comprised of sixteen men and women who are current students at the University. Stacy Beck, freshman from Mayfield, Ky., has been working as a Racer Patrol officer for the past two semesters.

“I started Racer Patrol because I needed a job and I knew an on-campus job would be better than an off-campus one with my class schedule,” Beck said. “I prefer to be moving around, not just sitting, so Racer Patrol seemed like a good fit.”

Racer Patrol officers are student employees with no police powers. However, they work with sixteen sworn police officers to help keep the campus safe.

“A normal day consists of clocking in and doing radio checks,” Beck said. “Then we basically walk around and patrol, check to make sure buildings are locked, and give escorts if needed.”

Beck said that while people may mock Racer Patrol, the student workers provide extra security for times the campus police aren’t present.

“Most people believe our job is a joke and we’re not really used for anything, and that’s not true,” Beck said. “Our campus police can’t be everywhere all the time, so it helps to have extra sets of eyes out patrolling. If our job was truly pointless, there would be no Racer Patrol.”

Beck said she values the sense of camaraderie felt among the staff.

“My favorite part about working there is the people I work with,” Beck said. “They’re all fun and easy going. Work isn’t stressful because you know there’s someone who’s going to be late or just not there to do their job at all. All of our Racer Patrol workers are dependable.”

However, the job does have its downsides.

“My least favorite part is definitely the fact that I don’t get off until one in the morning,” Beck said. “It’s tiring after a while. Approximately seven of us work each week night and about four or five on the weekends, but we only work at night.”

For Beck, the job has the additional benefit of preparing her for the future.

“I think this job will definitely help me in the future,” Beck said. “I’m a Criminal Justice major and plan on pursuing police work as both a civilian and a soldier. So being introduced to the environment and the demands of the career I plan to pursue is extremely helpful.”