Sorority experiences loss

On April 2, Kaytryn Parrish, freshman from Louisville, Ky., was involved in a car accident at the intersection of Highway 94 and Butterworth Road.

Parrish was airlifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and died on April 8.

Dean Patterson, public affairs officer for the Kentucky State Police, said Parrish, in a 2010 Volkswagen, was T-boned by Mary Roberson, in a larger 2004 GMC.

Parrish was a psychology major and was a member of Alpha Gamma Delta on campus.

Allison Jones, sophomore from Murray and one of Parrish’s sisters, said Parrish always had a smile on her face.

“I always remember her carrying around a little hairbrush with her,” Jones said, laughing. “If we were all hanging out, she would pull it out and start brushing her hair and she had a little makeup compact and she’d start doing her makeup. She was always really smiley and really polite and sweet.”

When Parrish went through recruitment, Jones said she knew Parrish would be a good fit for Alpha Gamma Delta.

“We all wanted her really bad,” she said.

Jones said the sorority held a closed memorial service on Monday to honor Parrish.

“I guess just being so close together, it’s like a little family,” she said. “When one of us hurts, even though some of us weren’t as close to her as another, it still … hurts us just the same because we are bonded through that sisterhood.”

Jones said several girls from the sorority planned to travel to the visitation and funeral held on Wednesday and Thursday, respectfully.

Elissa McGee, sophomore from Hopkinsville, Ky., also said she remembers Parrish always being cheerful.

“She was always just, every time I was around her, she was just really cheerful and happy and she always had a big smile on her face,” she said.

Sarah Mastera, adviser for Alpha Gamma Delta, said they will never forget Parrish.

“Kaytryn was a remarkable, bright and beautiful young woman whose spirit will always be remembered,” she said. “The outpourings of support we have received from the Murray State community have been incredible.”

University President Randy Dunn said though he did not know Parrish personally, losses within the University community is always difficult to handle.

“Anytime you have a loss of a University community member, it’s sad,” he said. “When it’s a student who obviously had a great deal of promise and a wonderful life ahead of her, it becomes more tragic. Our sympathy goes to the family.”

Dunn said the chapter advisers for her sorority would attend the visitation held in Louisville, Ky., and that Don Robertson, vice president of Student Affairs, has been in contact with the family.

“I’m going to be writing her family a note of condolence,” he said. “And hopefully there’s some comfort that comes with the support of the University but it really is a tragedy to have a promising life ahead of her and I’m always sorry to see it.”