Sociology program sponsors spring concert

Playing for the purpose of inaugural sociology, storytelling and a good time, the Spring Strings event is set to take place Saturday at Wrather Museum.

The event will start at 6 p.m. with Ed Smith, nonstudent from Paris, Tenn., playing the bagpipes outside the venue before the doors open at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at Boulder’s Smokehouse Deli and Catering, Music One and the sociology office on the fifth floor of Faculty Hall.

Headliner Dan Knowles performs a wide variety of styles and genres including Civil War Minstrel banjo, Mountain style, Bluegrass Three-finger and his own personal style, the jazzy/classical claw hammer approach.

Knowles has previously worked on overnight passenger boats. The inspiration for the lyrics Knowles writes comes from his days working on the rivers.

“I’m looking forward to being able to present my music to people who haven’t heard from me before,” Knowles said. “Essentially my job is not just an entertainer but to give people what they need and feel what they need.”

Through his own music and storytelling, Knowles is able to tell the history of more than 200 years of American music.

The music performed will be comprised of not only his original songs but a few cover songs as well.

Knowles and his band, which is known as Dan Knowles and His Hot Band, will be playing inside Wrather Museum.

Smith is a prominent member of Dan Knowles and His Hot Band when the venue allows for it. However, due to the acoustics in Wrather Museum, Smith will not be playing indoors alongside the band for the event Saturday.

There will be a short intermission at 8 p.m. where Knowles will have a short meet and greet session with his fans.

During this, Knowles will be able to talk with members of the audience and sell copies of his CDs.

Josh Coffey, nonstudent from Dawson Springs, Ky., will be playing the mandolin and fiddle, as well as providing vocals for Knowles and His Hot Band.

Dan Conger, nonstudent from Paris, Tenn., will be playing fiddle.

Dan Knowles’ son, Sam Knowles, from Paris, Tenn., will be playing the upright bass.

Andrew Taylor, junior from Berea, Ky., will also be playing the fiddle. Taylor, who is not a member of Dan Knowles and His Hot Band is a featured artist in the show.

Taylor can often be found at the Hart Coffee Shop’s open mic nights each Wednesday.

Dan Shope, professor of sociology, and Scott Byrd, assistant professor of sociology, are helping host the event, along with Students of Sociolgy members.

The event will be raising money for a scholarship fund for students of sociology.

“We thought that this was a great opportunity to showcase the sociology department and try to find something to raise money for a worthy cause such as scholarships for the students,” Shope said. “We thought that the sociology department and students need a scholarship fund.”

The concert will be in support of the students of the sociology department and those involved hope to make this an annual event and fundraiser.