Johnson, the best choice

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

After speaking to the respective candidates running for the role of Student Government Association president, The Murray State News is endorsing Jeremiah Johnson.

No other candidate is as qualified or experienced. In a time of economic uncertainty, students need someone who knows how the system works. Johnson is proven in his willingness to stand up to the University on behalf of all students and by bringing as many voices to the table as possible. He has been ever watchful to make sure administrative policies do not steamroll students in the process of running this University.

After sitting down to talk with all the candidates we would like to thank them for their time and wish them luck on their efforts.

Dylan Gerlach’s ideas on saving energy and campus safety were original and positive. We especially liked his ideas on how to get the University more involved with the city.

Chase Brasher has the wonderful notion that students should have a place on city council in the future. The idea of SGA sponsoring voter drives were insightful and something this campus needs.

No matter the outcome of this election we want to see all three stay active in the SGA. All have something great they bring to the table and it would be a shame not to have them involved in campus life. We encourage all voters to make an educated, objective decision on who they think the best candidate is. As for us, we have made our choice.

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  1. i’m not saying chase or dylan are better option but i most certainly wont be voting for jeremiah. “stand up to the university” all he has done is burn bridges that have been built by previous presidents who have created a healthy working relationship with the administration. i dont remember kirby o’donoghue or kara mantooth having the “difficulties” that jeremiah has. what has his administration accomplished? i’ll wait while you come up with something cause i’m having a hard time coming up with something myself. it seems that his only platform to run on is making sure that the administration, that is so vital in making this a great institution, has no connection with the student government. he’s working backwards for the students of murray state and is creating a partisanship atmosphere that resembles that of the state and national legislatures.

    sadly, i believe jeremiah will win his reelection (solely on the fact that the school of agriculture will come out in droves to elect him). i only wish the voting students actually knew what they are voting for and that it shouldn’t be a popularity contest.

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