Resale stores are plentiful in town

Kylie Townsend || The News

Kylie Townsend || The News

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That seems to be a common theme in the local resale stores in the Murray area.

In the mix are thrift stores, consignment/resale shops and antique stores, all places where great deals can be found.

Murray alone has 12 shops and that’s not counting any others in nearby towns or cities.

Some shops are independently owned while others in the area are chain storeswith locations all across the country.

Goodwill is a great example of the latter. Located right off Highway 641 you can find anything within the store from movies and books to clothes and shoes. Goodwill takes donations and allows any person who donates to receive tax receipts.

According to the Goodwill website, its mission is to, “enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families and communities by eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people in need reach their fullest potential through the power of work.”

There are also local thrift stores who stand for a good cause.

Angel’s Attic, located off of Chestnut Street, is a non-profit retail store in the area.

According to its website, Angel’s Attic supports Angels Community Clinic, which is also located in Murray­.

“My favorite thrift store in Murray is Angel’s Attic,” Autumn Holder, freshman from Murray, said. “They use their profits to fund the Angels Clinic that provides free healthcare and medicine to the residents of Murray. When I shop at Angel’s Attic it makes me feel as if I am giving something back to the community and actually making a difference.”

Holder is a veteran thrift store shopper who has been shopping with her mom since she was young.

“I shop at thrift stores for many different reasons,” Holder said. “My mom was a bargain hunter all throughout my childhood, so I grew up using second hand stuff. Some second hand stuff isn’t worth money but there is a lot of stuff that is in good condition and totally worth it. I love finding great deals and browsing through the wide variety of items that are for sale.”

Angel’s Attic sells plenty of items but there are two categories that seem to go quickly.

“I think the two things are furniture, we can’t seem to keep it in the store so any furniture that comes in, we sell it really quickly,” Mandy Hamilton, sale floor section leader at Angel’s Attic, said. “Then we have the clothes and that’s probably our top seller.”

There are also some stores in the area where anyone interested can rent out booths and use that outlet to sell their slightly used items.

Trends n’ Treasures Merchants Mall and Peddler’s Mall, both located in Murray, offer booths to rent.

A great deal of people don’t shop at thrift stores because they might consider it below them. But that’s no reason not to stop into one and take a look around.

“Many people have a misconception about thrift shops and don’t realize that the stores have a variety of items that are gently used, decently priced and have a lot of potential,” Holder said.

These two stores offer a wide variety of items from newer items like DVD’s, Pampered Chef gadgets and books to older vintage items such as clothing, accessories and collectibles.

In addition to previously mentioned stores, there are a plethora of other shops located in Murray in the resale category including Traveling Pants, Glendale Road Caring & Sharing, A Good Thing Consignment, Top Quality Consignment, Yours, Mine & Ours Shop, Rita’s Neat Repeats, Cradle & All Consignment, Closet Door and Red Bug On 3rd.