Liner Notes: All campus singing

It’s finally spring and with this new season comes many things. One of those things is music being sung and heard in the warm air throughout campus. This can only mean one thing: it’s almost time for All Campus Sing.

Being a sister of Sigma Alpha Iota, the music organization on campus that hosts the annual event, allows me to have the honor of coaching a campus organization competing in All Campus Sing each year.

It is intimidating because not everyone understands what certain music terms mean and not all people have the same passions and abilities as everyone when it comes to singing. Coaching is challenging but exciting.

This year, I was appropriately assigned to coach my colleagues here at The News.

Since this is the first year The News has participated in the campus-wide tradition, there has been a lot of nervousness and insecurities with the new vocalists, which is normal for anyone who is not used to performing in front of people.

In case it wasn’t obvious, journalists are not musical performers. We report, we don’t sing (except for occasional moments when we listen to music while working in between classes).

While participating this year in All Campus Sing is not just something The News is doing for fun, it’s one way to prove to our campus that we take pride in what we do every week.

I think everyone will find our choice of show to be very fitting.

Although the group has been learning the songs for a few weeks now, I’m already enjoying singing and learning new music with the people I spend every Sunday and Wednesday night with.

Having the opportunity to take a break and walk away from writing, editing and designing our pages for at least an hour on production night is relaxing in some ways. It allows us to forget about deadlines and focus on perfecting our new craft.

Then, once our rehearsals are over, everyone goes straight back to their desks and gets back to work. It’s what we do.

I’ve learned just over this past week in rehearsal that in order to make the music come together the way it should, we all have to get focused and loop sections we are struggling with.

We also have to work on making sure everyone’s voice type can be used appropriately when, where and how it best fits.

Don’t get me wrong, I am already satisfied with the direction their show is going and I have faith in my fellow co-workers. I am familiar with their work ethics personally and know that each and everyone of them will do their best to make the performance successful for the sake of the outgoing seniors and staff.

I have also discovered that these people I work with can actually sing.

I can’t wait to see them show what they have been working on­­ to our campus on the day of the competition.

Win or lose, they’ll be sure to seize the day.