Annual art event hops through Murray

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An opportunity has risen to view different galleries around the city that feature the work of a few of Murray States students as well as other professional artists.

The Spring Trolley Hop is a free event hosted from 5 to 9 p.m. Saturday. The venues open at 5 p.m. and the trolley starts at 6 p.m.

Debi Danielson from the Murray Art Guild is organizing the event.

The Miller Center, Clara M. Eagle Gallery, Curris Center Galleries, Gallery 109, The Murray Art Guild and Fidalgo Bay Coffee are all stops on the Trolley Hop.

The Curris Center Galleries will feature work from Susan Morton and Erin Jackel.

The Clara M. Eagle upper level Gallery will feature Charlee Weeks’ and Sarah Bradshaw’s work.

“I’m looking forward to the exposure artists can get just by being a part of the Spring Trolley Hop,” Sarah Bradshaw, senior from Vienna, Ill., said. “It helps people get discovered.”

The exibit, “White Hot Gold” is a juror show that will be going on in the main gallery of the Clara M. Eagle Gallery.

This exibit features new media style art with video clips, photographs, digital prints and interactive pieces. There is also a social media angle.

“Technology affords this interaction where connection and disconnection, time and place, overlap and transform into a dynamic space, neither here nor there, now or then,” Elizabeth Leister, an artist involved with “White Hot Gold,” said.

At Fidalgo Bay Coffee, Tina Sexton’s photography will be on display.

A drawing collaboration called The Change Exchange will be located at The Murray Art Guild.

Gallery 109 will have some recent works of Jennifer Fairbanks. She is an alumna of Murray State and studied ceramics as well as painting. Her pieces are in a realistic style using charcoal.

The Miller Center will have a show called “Visual Evidence.” The show from 2011 consisted of 133 entries and 72 pieces by 48 artists.

“We are pleased to participate with the art community of Murray and bring the art community together,” Tina McCalment, director of University galleries, said.

The Spring Trolley Hop aims to bring people out and around the different art scenes in Murray as well as give art students the opportunity to show their work.