Our View: Finding their voices

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

We would like to recognize and commend the actions of the Student Government Association for its decision to pull funding away from the Presidential Lecture Series.

SGA funds should be enough to provide a voice on the selection of who comes to speak. If that voice is not being heard then show them you are willing to take the next step. This isn’t the first time SGA has flexed its muscles this year, and we couldn’t be more elated. We are also glad to see University President Randy Dunn lend his support to this decision.

“I think it made sense to go to SGA for some level of support to get it off the ground,” Dunn said. “It is after all a presidential lecture and I think it’s more fair – and I hope students enjoy and benefit from it – but I think it’s probably more fair giving that ability for SGA to be able to use their fees in direct support of the things they really want to see happen.”

Good job, SGA and we hope you find a better way to spend those funds toward the student body.