Liner Notes: Year of the comeback

Anna Taylor
Features Editor

In order to make a comeback, you have to leave first. It makes sense. I think that the longer the absence, the better the comeback will be, especially if you were successful the first time.

There are many things you have to have/do for a good comeback. The first thing is guts.

So far this year, I’ve seen and heard of some artists attempt a successful comeback. Even though I don’t think everyone can pull it off well, this year seems to be bringing a new light for some musical hopefuls. Let’s examine.

After canceling her summer tour in 2007, Kelly Clarkson was experiencing every touring musician’s nightmare – lack of ticket sales. Thankfully, Clarkson pulled through and made another album.

After her album “All I Ever Wanted” became more successful than her previous album, Clarkson seemed to have her fan’s confidence back. This year, Clarkson is back in the spotlight with a No. 1 single and a top selling album. Let’s see how things go for the original American Idol.

The second thing you need for a good comeback? A new outlook and preferably a new look.

At the Super Bowl this year, the country witnessed the first attempt at Madonna’s comeback. While I believe her performance was lacking in some ways, choosing to record her single with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. was a bold move, and could also double as a comeback for M.I.A. as well.

I think that Clarkson has a fair shot at being back in the spotlight after her absence but Madonna has had her time. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

The next thing you need for a successful comeback is at least three years of absence from the spotlight. Or 15.

Due to a lack of a television and an open schedule, I missed the Grammys this year. Apparently, this award show marked a monumental comeback for The Beach Boys because they were back on stage together for the first time in more than 20 years.

Contrary to what I previously said about Madonna, these boys made a respectable returning performance. Even though they too have had their time in the spotlight and on the charts, they still did it the right way. Maybe I just don’t like Madonna. Regardless, the Beach Boys are working on a reunion tour and a new studio album. Best of luck.

The last and final thing you have to have for a good comeback is a new album, tour and many nights of gigs.

Indie rock band, The Shins released their first album in five years this week. They performed comeback shows – their first gigs in two years – at summer music festivals last August.

The band recently performed a show on Saturday Night Live with Jonah Hill as the host. They performed their single “Simple Song” and then “It’s Only Life.”

One good way to make a comeback is by making an appearance on SNL, in my opinion.

Other artists and bands we can expect to see attempt a comeback this year include Ciara, OutKast, Van Halen, Janet Jackson and DMX. Who’s next?