Healthy lips, healthy game: Men’s basketball Head Coach Steve Prohm’s Chapstick use causes players, staff to notice

Kyser Lough/The News

“Man, my lips get dried out so fast so I just put a quick thing on just to get them back. I don’t know if I’m addicted, but I need it now. If I don’t have one with me I’m going to be a nervous wreck because when my lips get dry it’s awful. I don’t have stock but I’m hoping they call me for a commercial but I haven’t heard anything yet. I use just the old school, original brand Chapstick.”

– Head Coach Steve Prohm



“I swear, if Chapstick was candy he’d probably have the worst teeth in America. The stores are probably selling out around here with Chapstick because he uses it so much. I don’t know what it is, all he do is put the Chapstick on then lick it off, that’s why he uses it so much. I guess it’s just a habit for him but I have no clue at what he be doing.” – Junior guard Isaiah Caanan



“I don’t know what’s up with that, man. He’s always carrying that Chapstick around, no matter where he goes, he puts it on every five to 10 minutes. It don’t look like his lips be chapped because he’s always licking them, he likes to keep them moist, I guess.”

– Junior forward Ed Daniel



“Oh my gosh, every 10 minutes he pulls it out. Honestly, I just think it’s a habit, like second nature, he just pulls it out and goes at it. It’s like a crayon the way he does it, he just smears it on and puts it back in his pocket. I think he’s nervous sometimes, he just pulls it out, puts it on and doesn’t even think twice about it.”

– Senior guard Donte Poole



“Coach Prohm’s an addict. He’s addicted to that Chapstick, I swear he pulls it out every five minutes. I don’t know why he does it, I guess he’s not dry, he’s just an addict. I don’t know what he would do if he dropped it or lost it, he’d probably send one of our managers to go get another Chapstick.”

– Freshman guard Jaylen Bland



“It’s crazy, because he uses it all the time. You’ll see him just reach in his pocket and he’ll start talking and he just puts it on and puts it on. There’s a lot of stuff he does that’s funny, but he always makes sure he has that Chapstick. He always puts it on to make sure he looks sharp. But that’s big on me too, I have my Chapstick. I really don’t like to be all chapping and stuff like that.”

– Senior forward Ivan Aska



“My mom was actually talking about that the other day and asked me if I’d noticed that, but yeah, he’s got to have his Chapstick wherever he goes. Every five minutes he’s got to put some Chapstick on. I don’t know what it is about the Chapstick, but it’s funny – he’s always got to have the Chapstick. I always see it, I believe he has it at practice.”

– Senior guard Jewuan Long


“Let’s put it this way, I don’t think his lips are chronically dry because he’s using a lot of it so he’s probably OK in that area. I’m hoping he gets a sponsorship, we could put a little Chapstick logo on his shirt.”

– Sports Information Director Dave Winder



“It’s his good luck stick or his nervous stick or something. He’s either playing with it or he’s putting it on his lips. I ain’t never seen nobody’s lips get chapped that fast. I guess he goes to Sam’s and buys a big box of it or something because he has it at every game.”

– Freshman guard Zay Jackson


“I don’t know if it’s a superstition, I don’t know if it’s a habit, I don’t know if that helps him when he’s doing a lot of yelling and stuff, I don’t know what the reason is for it, but it’s kind of funny and it’s caught on which is pretty neat. There are some kids who will pull out Chapstick out of their pockets and go, ‘Hey, you want some Prohm?’ I thought that was kind of funny as well. We’ve thought about taking those big columns in the CFSB Center and turning them into big Chapsticks, we thought that’d be kind of cool.”


– Athletic Director Allen Ward