Name us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Johnson

RACER NATION!!! I’m so excited to address you once again. It’s been two years since I followed the Racers to the NCAA tournament in San Jose, Calif., where I witnessed a buzzer-beater victory over Vanderbilt and a heart-breaking two-point loss to eventual runner-up Butler. Two years removed from the sports section, with the exception of a few games here and there, I’m back to my roots.

Sophie McDonald and I are pumped to bring you constant updates via Twitter, Facebook and over the next few days and potentially the next few weeks (fingers crossed). For several weeks she and I have been in a giddy state of mind. Random bouts of laughter and squeals are now required when we see each other or read a story or watch a video about Murray State.

We LOVE this team. I love them because they’re the team I’ve followed since my freshman year and through my senior year. These are my guys, although they may not realize it. Sophie has gotten the opportunity to get to know this specific team and Coach Prohm well throughout the season, traveling from place to place to watch almost every game – Alaska was a bit out of the newspaper’s budget.

We attended the Dance Party Sunday where we squealed about little kids high-fiving the players and the “edfros” spotted throughout Racer Arena. When we saw we were playing in Louisville, we were pretty excited. It’s nowhere glamorous, but it’s close. We get to make the trip, mind you after a long night trying to put the paper together for this week, in a University vehicle on the boring, but familiar Western Kentucky Parkway.

We’ve spent today discussing plans. When we’ll leave, what we’ll do, what we’ll wear, what we’ll snack on, how we’ll divvy up the driving and most importantly our team name.

When I covered the games in California two years ago, I was accompanied by Greg Waddell and Tim MacAllister (who is now a team manager). We coined ourselves the 3 Musketeers. It wasn’t original, but it was fitting.

Now Sophie and I need a name. So we’re asking Racer Nation to help us. Should we be “Soph-EJ”? Or perhaps “Chances Are”? Maybe you’re more creative than we are and can think of a better name for our coverage team. If that’s the case, tweet us your suggestions @MSUNewsSports or post them on our Facebook page. As always, we’re looking for Racer fans to have a part in what we’re doing.

So if you can’t make the game, be sure to follow us. We will more than happily bombard you with stories, photos, blogs and videos.