New fashion trends emerge with warmer temperatures


Melissa Ruhlman/The News

Allyson Putman
Staff writer

As blooming flowers come to life to decorate the Quad in bright, beautiful colors so do the students’ wardrobes as they shed their old winter coats and prepare for spring.

The fashion industry truly comes to life at the beginning of the spring season by bringing back the bright colors and different styles of apparel that have been hidden in the back of the closet all winter. For spring 2012, things are no different.

This year, there are a number of trends sweeping through campus.

Robin Ezell, a fashion forward senior from Paducah, Ky., said she is looking forward to changing her wardrobe for this season.

“I really try to just dress confidently,” Ezell said. “In the spring, I just feel so much more fun about fashion.”

With the weather warming up, a few of the popular trends seen on campus include spring dresses, cardigans, wedges and Capri pants.

Still, as the weather warms, so do the color pallets from which people choose for their accessories.

“For spring, I bring back the bright

colored jewelry and accessories,” Ezell

said. “The change from the dark and cool colors of winter is a large part of spring fashion success.”

According to, there are more than the usual soft pastels coming into play this season, as couture across the nation showcases orange and tangerine as two of the hottest colors this season – among many other neon shades. Also, the incorporation of color blocking in outfits, vibrant prints and metallic basics are growing in popularity.

The trends set by runways and top designers are not only about colors and couture clothing, but accessories as well. Some of the top accessories for spring 2012 are clutches – the bolder, the better.

Clutches took the New York fashion week by storm this year, as said some of the designers showcased many different designs on the runway.

The clutch was presented in a variety

of shapes and sizes. One of the most attractive aspects of a clutch purse is the versatility. A clutch is small, portable and can be worn with nearly any outfit.

The clutch has been designed in every shape, size and pattern any girl can imagine making it a necessity for easy keep of one’s valuables that doesn’t sacrifice style.

While women’s fashion colors and patterns seem to dominate this season, men should not feel left out. Spring 2012 brings a new wardrobe for the misters, as well.

The recap of the Milan/Paris fashion show noted many men’s trends paralleling those of women’s trends. These included anything from neon suits, prints and even cropped pants.

Wesley Vaughn, freshman from Owensboro, Ky., said that while he is not usually much into fashion, he is glad to see the weather warming up and the changes that renders from his wardrobe.

In his own personal style, Vaughn said he enjoys dressing up for his classes as opposed to a casual look.

“I want to try to make sure that I look and feel the best that I can this season,” he said. “That’s what fashion is really about anyway.”

No matter how weak or strong your flair for fashion, this spring line up is sure to bring some life into your wardrobe with its wide array of styles.