Liner Notes: Watch and listen

Anna Taylor
Features Editor

I have many ways of discovering music that intrigues me and public radio is not one of them.

Basically, anytime I am on the Internet for a decent amount of time, I end up looking for music or somehow it just finds me through social media, podcasts or entertainment websites. Other times, I find music through television.

There are a few television shows that I either watch or used to watch when airing from which I have found some really great music.

The first show that comes to mind is “One Tree Hill.” I have downloaded countless songs after watching an episode of this show through the years. With OTH, I discovered the sounds of Placebo, Mozella, Jack’s Mannequin, Bethany Joy Galeotti and Citizen Cope among others. My high school self really loved that.

I also really enjoyed the T.V. soundtrack from “The O.C.” It was from these four short years that I learned who Phantom Planet, Rooney, Band of Horses, The Bravery and The Weepies were.

All of these artists I just mentioned from the two shows consumed a large chunk of my iTunes library for months.

Both of these shows had such a great reputation with their soundtracks that they released their own mix albums featuring songs from their episodes.

Currently in its ninth and final season, “One Tree Hill” has released three CDs and “The O.C.” released six, though they only had four seasons.

“The O.C.” had a Christmas album and an album that was strictly covers of songs.

ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” became a guilty pleasure show for me over winter break last year. I learned that like the other two shows, this one has a decent soundtrack (and styling).

After downloading the show’s only CD, I am now a fan of Matthew Perryman Jones, Fay Wolf and Brooke Waggoner. Some of my favorites such as Mozella, 2AM Club and Ben’s Brother were also featured on the show’s soundtrack.

Instead of being a show with a great storyline and music to complement it, there are some shows on television today that lack a great storyline but sell their soundtracks for Billboard rankings. I’m talking about you, “Glee.”

While the show has great music and composition, the show is hyped for the music, not the storyline. I am a fan of the show and have been since day one, but some things just need to be said.

The soundtrack of the show is at the point where it is predictable and there are not many surprises anymore.

I can’t say I haven’t downloaded a “Glee” song, because I have many times. It’s just old news for me. I digress. The show must go on.

It has come across my mind many times that if this whole journalism career thing doesn’t work out for me, I would love to be the music editor for a television show or for movies. I know it’s a long-shot but soundtracks are fun. I think having a career finding music that fits a scene to a show or movie would be an enjoyable job.