Grow Murray meets signature requirements

Ed Marlowe
Staff writer

On Wednesday morning Grow Murray’s petition for total distribution achieved the required number of signatures for a referendum.

Ray Coursey, county clerk, said his office spent most of this past week counting, and in the end Grow Murray had 687 signatures, 60 more than the required 627 need for verification.

The next step in the process, Coursey said, is submitting the petition to County-Judge Executive Larry Elkins for further review and eventual approval.

Elkins will meet with County Attorney David Harrington and a decision for when the vote occurs could come as early as Friday.

After a referendum is approved, the vote can occur no less than 60 days and no more than 90 days after being verified, putting a special election no earlier than May but no later than June.

Martin Severns, spokesperson for Keep it Out of Murray, said their constituents were not caught off guard and anticipated the success of Grow Murray’s petition.

“We want to protect against expansion,” Severns said. “Our next step is to promote the ‘no’ vote.”

Using the gathered signatures of their own petition, Severns said the group plans to continue to gather names of those opposed in order to form a contingency when the vote occurs.

“It all comes down to city resident preference,” he said. “Whatever happens, either side must be prepared for what comes next.”

Even if the city brings packaged liquor in, Severns said Keep It Out of Murray will be strong proponents of strict regulatory alcohol laws in order to keep a safe environment for the community.