Alliance hosts semiannual drag show as fundraiser


Allie Douglass/The News

Ryan Steele
Staff writer

Friends and supporters of Murray State Alliance took to the runway Thursday in their semiannual drag show in the Curris Center Ballroom.

Themed after Lady Gaga’s hit album “The Fame Monster,” the Murray State Alliance had much in store for their spring show.

Over the past several years the Alliance has held its semiannual drag shows and have gained enormous popularity around campus. Students have come to each show, looking forward to the showmanship and entertainment provided. There was even a Lady Gaga impersonator for this show.

“The University community has come to expect these shows each semester and often they beat the group to the question over when will the next one take place,” Jody Cofer, Alliance adviser, said.

Being something so popular on campus definitely has its advantages. As its main source of fund raising, Alliance makes each show unforgettable. Members want to make sure they have enough money to continue hosting drag shows and supporting the cause that they were founded on.

“MSU Alliance uses the funds raised at their biannual drag shows to support their education, advocacy and social programming,” Cofer said. “A good example of this is when they hold panel discussions or show films on campus to promote acceptance.”

Alliance is an organization on campus that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students. They have been involved in numerous events around campus, most of which are to help students.

One popular event Alliance puts on is the “Hate Isn’t Sexy” program which confronts the issue of LGBT bigotry and tries to spread knowledge and acceptance over hate. Students can catch the next program of “Hate isn’t Sexy” on April 3.

Aside from services around campus, Alliance is a strong force in the acceptance and inclusion of the students involved. As LGBT rights are in the forefront of many political debates, Alliance is taking a more informed and light-hearted approach to such a serious issue. That’s why most members of the Alliance participate in the drag show.

“I participate because I think it is important for our students to see someone they often associate with pushing for inclusion through more traditional means also able to flip to the other side of this work and do it in a much more light-hearted manner,” Cofer said.