Centershots: Favorite basketball movies

Sophie McDonald
Sports Editor


I love movies and I love sports so it’s really no surprise when the two are combined they become one of my favorite things. I have a list of all-time favorite movies but, since basketball season is winding to a close (seemingly faster than I ever dreamed), the following is a list of my top-three favorite movies (plus one.)

Honorable Mention:

‘Michael Jordan: An American Hero’

Growing up, Michael Jordan was my sports hero. I was a fan of any and everything he did and when this made for TV movie made its debut in 1999, you better believe my 10-year-old self was snuggled in pajamas eating popcorn and pizza with my parents in our cozy living room.

I loved getting the behind-the-scenes, “raw,” in-depth look into my hero’s life, especially discovering more about his beloved relationship with his dad and I remain convinced he is the greatest basketball player in the history of the game.


No. 3

“Glory Road”

“If you quit now, you quit everyday for the rest of your life,” Texas Western Coach Don Haskins said in the movie of the 1966 team making it all the way to the National Championships.

In the compelling movie, Haskins challenged the school board and recruited his team based on talent not race, setting an example that would one day become the norm.


No. 2

“Coach Carter”

I’m a sucker for inspirational sports movies and this movie had me at ‘inspired by a true story.’

The courage the coach embodied while maintaining his rank as a gentleman and demanding respect makes my heart swell in appreciation for the man who saw beyond than a group of vulgar guys into their potential not just as players but primarily students.

What grips my heart the most is his quiet confidence and willingness to stand up to opposition and do the right thing, come what may.


No. 1

“Space Jam”

When compiling this list there was no question to which movie earned first place in my heart. “Space Jam” was iconic in my childhood and was THE movie flaunted around my friends, whoever had the prized VHS copy was the envy of all.

From the alternating cartoon to real life characters to the soundtrack that I literally wore out from too much play, this movie is the greatest. No other film on the planet combines Michael Jordan, my sports hero, with Bugs Bunny and Larry Bird in a story I desperately want to own on the two-disc DVD extended edition.

To this day, I still believe I can fly.