Letter to the Editor: 2.17.12

Brian Clarkson
senior from
Paducah, Ky.

(This letter is a response to the commentary titled “Where is all the hype for the new library” in the Feb. 3 issue of The Murray State News.)

Having read “Where is all the hype for the new library” on Feb. 3, it seems strange to me they would bring out all this hubbub about a $62 million library and then drop it. Not one word, not one peep.

I note a complete lack of communication between University President Dunn (This was the only plan? Why not look through the options and pick one that can last long-term?), the SGA (Glad you got it tabled in the fall. But shouldn’t we be hearing something about options as well from them? Did they secretly cut a deal with Dr. Dunn?) and the Task Force (no tuition increases is great, can’t really do that? Never mind.).

If you intend on burdening us with higher tuition and/or student fees to have a showcase library, you will have to let us know what is going on. We expect nothing less, Dr. Dunn. It is a requirement, SGA. It is expected, Task Force. You use our money; you keep us up to date.

I don’t like being blackmailed into a choice between having my tuition increased (bold prediction: regardless of all the library mess, it will go up.) or student fees increased. And blackmail is exactly what I would call it. It’s like the decision has already been cast in stone; we can pay now or we can pay later.

I feel bullied as a student in MSU to increase our debt burden by having a sparkling new library in about five to ten years. For all we know, it may become technologically obsolete by the time it opens. What happened to fiscal responsibility in Murray? Have we not learned the lessons of Greece or the United States, which both had to deal with default situations when their debts became higher than the money that was coming in?

Especially when they’re tearing down Ordway Hall because they can’t afford to make the necessary repairs. Especially when Faculty Hall and the Business Building are dealing with wonky heating/air conditioning systems. Especially when faculty positions remain unfilled. Especially with an antiquated power system at the dorms. Especially when we haven’t paid for the shiny new health center yet.

But never mind all that. Just think of the students five to 10 years from now who will have this shiny new library. Think of all the tours where they see gleaming new buildings and landscapes and sign their hard earned checks over to Murray State University. Great.

Just ignore all the already overburdened students who paid for those shiny buildings and dealt with all the flaws in the buildings in the first place.


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  1. Jody Neal Giles | March 17, 2013 at 6:23 pm |

    Look at the remodeled Morris Library on the SIU campus if you want to find a way to see where this is headed. Millions of dollars, high fees but all the books have been moved to their Annex. So…you can get on the internet there and use the computers. It shouldn't escape anyone that most students already have these items. What a shame to tear down Ordway to make room for a dinosaur institution called Library Science.

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